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Manage Your Money: Financial Tips for New Graduates

  This is it. You’re walking across the graduation stage and about to get your diploma for your bachelor’s degree. Congratulations! Now, what next? In your mind, there is a checklist of the things you want to do. Look for a job. Earn money. Be successful. Be independent. Some college graduates already have an idea […]

Cash is king: how to improve your business’s cash flow 05/06

  Any business lives and dies by its cash flow – this isn’t the same as its profit margins, which are more difficult to grow and which don’t cover the money going out in addition to the money coming in. A cash flow has to be calculated to the minutest detail in order to cover […]

Tips On How To Dodge Big Fees For Your Money Transfers

Money transfer, especially overseas, is a rather frustrating experience, which comes with a fair share of challenges – from delays to hidden fees, double charges and bad exchange rate. Most people end up losing hundreds of dollars when sending a meager sum of money abroad. However, you should not have to pay high transaction fees […]