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The American Dream – Midweek Infographic

As Americans, we’re used to a much higher standard of living than the rest of the world. By the age of 30, many of us expect to graduate from college, buy a car, get married and then buy a house with our new bride. Everybody should strive and hopefully achieve this American Dream, but what […]

Bid and Ask – Understand These Terms Before Trading Stocks

A little over a decade ago, trading stocks on the internet gained a lot of traction, turning millions of people into self-directed investors. This fairly new style of investor doesn’t rely on money managers or financial advisors to make their investment decisions for them. As a result of this shift to online trading, people are […]

Sunday’s Special Links: Thievery Edition

I woke up Saturday morning with a high level of excitement and anticipation – after driving the same vehicle for 9 years, I was finally buying a new one. I could have swapped cars in the past, but I’ve loved my Toyota 4Runner – 174,000 miles later and it’s still driving just as good as […]

The True Cost Of Car Ownership – Midweek Infographic

Owning a vehicle should be one of your top expenditures throughout your lifetime. Typically, the only category that places ahead of autos is housing and perhaps education if you attend a high-priced private school or pursue a post-graduate education. When we think about auto expenses, we factor in the purchase price, maintenance, insurance and often […]

iTunes Giveaway and Sunday’s Special Links

Edit 9/14/2012:  The Dow officially closed at 13593.37. I need more Facebook ‘likes’ so I’m giving away a $15 iTunes gift card to get them. I realize that $15 is not very much, but neither are the requirements to enter: ‘Like’ my Facebook page Subscribe to my RSS feed Comment below and guess what you […]

European Economic Crisis – Midweek Infographic

In 2008, financial institutions in the US began to drop like flies. Lehman Brothers – gone, Bear Stearns – gone, Washington Mutual – you guessed it, gone. Four years later, what condition are we now in? The US banking system has regained much of its strength as evident by the Federal Reserve’s stress tests. However, […]

Sunday’s Special Links – Gold Medal Edition

The US is having a fantastic Olympic showing so far. Slightly behind China, we’re not quite in the overall lead but I have faith. There are some major events in which the US is expected to take gold including men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics and track & field. The last five appearances by the US […]