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Midweek Infographic – Facebook vs Google

A small tech company went public recently.  The news hasn’t covered it much so you may not have heard of the tiny Menlo Park firm by the name of Facebook.  Obviously, I’m being a little sarcastic here.  The onslaught of news coverage and investor interest has been tiring to say the least.  You would think […]

“Every Sunday’s Special” Links: Memorial Day Edition

Football season can’t come quick enough for me.  My anticipation of the upcoming season was only heightened after recently receiving season tickets from a very special somebody.  Events like the NFL draft and the owners’ discussions over knee pads help to curtail my appetite but there’s nothing like three hours in the dome on Sundays. […]

Understanding Options (part 2) – Buying Puts And Calls

Last week I discussed the basics of options in my post Options Are Complicated For A Reason. I listed the most important terms and displayed an option matrix that explains the basic concepts of calls and puts in a visual manner. Now that you understand some of the core concepts of options, it’s time for […]

Infographic Of The Day – Who Is “Financially Competent?”

Infographics are a fantastic way to learn for those that prefer a visual representation of subject matter.  Once a week, I will feature an infographic that details a basic financial concept with stunning clarity.  As a blog dedicated to financial education and the elimination of financial illiteracy, I figured I’d start with an inforgraphic that […]

Don’t Pay Full Price For Anything

No one should pay full price for anything these days. There are so many opportunities to save money on items ranging from real estate to dinner. I’ve used Excel to keep track of my monthly expenses for the last several years and recently, I noticed that I receive some kind of discount on every single […]

Understanding Options (part 1) – Options Are Complicated For A Reason

Anybody who’s ever taken a look at options is well aware that, at first glance they appear to very complicated. Terms like calls, puts, derivatives, strangles, LEAPS and others, all seem to confuse the average investor. Why not use terms like ‘buy option’, ‘sell option’, etc.? This is part one of a multipart series in which […]