Year in Review for 2022

year in review for 2022
year in review for 2022
2022 saw a lot of market volatility but a lot of personal financial wins as well

Here is my year in review for 2022. It’s been a year of market volatility and personal change. Here is an overview of 2022.

The Good

One of the most memorable moments of this past year is that I made a career change after working for the same company for nearly 20 years. It’s been a big change, and there is still a lot to learn, but the change has been a positive one so far.

Our rental has brought in over $15,000 in rents for 2022, which has exceeded our estimates by $5,000. 2023 is already booking up and should prove to be just as profitable. Some major changes at the rental this year were a new deck, a new roof, and a fresh coat of paint inside and out.

My cash savings this past year have increased by over 100%, as I made it a priority to save up more liquid cash. I’m approaching a position where my emergency fund is nearly fully funded, so I suspect that I will allocate more money elsewhere at some point next year.

The only debt that I have, and have had for the past few years, is my mortgage. I managed to pay the balance down around 10% in 2022. 2023 may see the balance go down at a faster rate depending how I decide to allocate funds once my emergency fund is fully funded.

The Bad

Thankfully the bad is much less than the good for 2022. The only significant negative thing to happen this past year from a financial perspective is the hit that my portfolio took. Anyone with broad market exposure is likely in the same situation.

For 2022 my portfolio saw an 11% decrease. I’m invested for the long-term, so this isn’t really concerning. I still have a couple decades before I’ll need the money, so I can afford to let it ride and recover.


That was my year in review for 2022. The year saw a volatile market, and I wasn’t immune to it, but overall, I had a good year financially. How did you fare this past year? Share below.

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