Women Leadership? Yes Indeed

Many studies have shown that fosteWomen Leadershipring an inclusive corporate environment where women have the opportunity to succeed enhances overall company performance and employee satisfaction. It benefits all parties involved to empower women in business: women themselves, their families, companies, and society as a whole. Yes indeed Women Leadership.

If you think about it, it makes sense that women executives account for the areas where male leaders generally lack. For example, most female managers and partners tend to have greater influencing skills, in lieu of competitive and aggressive characteristics which are perceivably required for success in corporate America. Some of these skills were learned from a MBA organizational management. Companies have the ability to capitalize on this concept and create a more balanced “tone at the top,” where male and female leaders complement each other and drive business more effectively.

How can corporations and other entities do this? By establishing a culture that empowers women to succeed at ALL levels of the organization. Upper management must set policies and programs in place, while ensuring that they are implemented even at even the entry level. Company policies and mentorship programs can only go so far if lower levels of management are not living by certain values through their daily tasks and encounters with employees. Thus, it is essential that executives, managers, and employees are all working together to empower women through programs, policies, periodic coaching, and daily interactions.

Flexibility is also a major factor in drawing women to executive positions. Work-life-balance, now more frequently referred to as work-life-integration, allows employees to enjoy personal lives outside of work. In many cases, this entails raising a family. Having children has historically caused women to exit or lose a competitive edge in the workforce. By establishing a more flexible work environment, companies can work toward eliminating this variable which commonly prevents women from reaching the C-suite level.

Through inclusive policies, mentorship programs, and flexible work arrangements, companies can create an environment where women feel empowered to succeed and make an impact. For the wellbeing of families, businesses, and our economy as a whole, it is essential that we are continuously working to bring more women into upper management.


  1. Finally women in leadership are being recognized and provided with accommodations in the workplace.

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