Why Funded Traders Need Funded Forex Accounts from Actual Traders

Congratulations, if you are reading this article, you already know there are opportunities for funded traders to have a rewarding career trading funded forex accounts with their trading strategies!

However, if you are here, then you are likely also overwhelmed with the sheer number of options available for potential funded traders. 

Which one is good? Which one should I pick? Which one funded forex accounts are legit?

All questions likely going through your head and very valid questions. 

We can’t speak to anyone else that you looked at, but we can talk about the opportunities offered by our funded forex accounts benefits our funded traders. 

CTI continually improves, we pride ourselves with our accounts because we are traders designing funded forex accounts and the trading conditions and rules for funded traders. We make the rules tradable, and we know how because we have been in in your shoes, so we know what rules are achievable and not. 

We know obtaining funding is tough, some of us were here around during the days were funded traders were those who had to do some serious convincing in prop firms just to get a chance with funded forex accounts (with some seriously low account sizes!) in fact, some of us remember the days where funded traders were only in the institutions and funded forex accounts did not even exist!

CTI as a collective have lived and experienced all, the before, during and now. So, we want to make sure forex traders worldwide have access to the trade funded forex accounts under the fairest terms possible while having the ability to benefit from exponential growth. Achieve a 10% growth and your account grows; you can potentially manage $4 million. 

With this in mind, we urge you to consider becoming one of our funded traders and to benefit from one of our assortments of funded forex accounts. 

For you visual learners, we have a video outlining our funded forex accounts and why it benefits our funded traders. 

We have nothing to hide, you are more than welcome to see what authentic funded traders have to say about us

Just because we value ever prop trader that comes in, we include the Funded Trader Program Course, completely complimentary to ensure your trading journey is smooth. 



Like every prop trading firm, we expect our prop traders to undergo an evaluation. This is standard. What we realize many of you are not aware of is that City Traders Imperium (CTI) offers you the ability to SKIP THE EVALUATION PERIOD ENTIRELY. 

Before you do this, you need to ask yourself how confident you are in your trading abilities. If you are, then feel free to go for the Direct Funding option where you can skip the evaluation. If you are not sure, then we recommended starting with the evaluation. If you are unsure, speak to one of our staff, they have advised many funded traders in this position.

If you are interested in the specific journey our funded traders go through upon obtaining their funded forex accounts, then read on as the 4 stages are outlined (3 stages if you opted for the Direct Funding option):


Step 1: Get funded 🢥 choose from one of the funded forex accounts

Step 2: Pass 🢥 meet the criteria to pass the evaluation and you are rewarded with 400% of the Evaluation’s starting capital (skip if you selected the Direct Funding option)

Step 3: Portfolio Manager/Direct Funding 🢥 you lack the limitations of the evaluation, now grow by 10% and enjoy 60% of the profits you make

Step 4: The sky’s the limit 🢥 manage up to 2 portfolio manager accounts and grow each to $2 million, leaving you with a total of $4 million book. At this point, you do not have any targets, just trade profitably. 


You will have the full support of the CTI team as and when you need it, after all it is mutually beneficial, and we are passionate about helping the most ambitious traders succeed. 

Join our funded traders and expand trading horizons.

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