Understanding Platinum and Why You Should Buy It

Along with silver, gold, and palladium, platinum is deemed as one of four exquisite metals. But among these four, platinum is the most prestigious, the most exclusive, and the most expensive. This metal is even the most durable metals used in making pieces of jewelry.

Back in the days, only the wealthy and elite wore platinum. At present, this metal is gaining more popularity among jewelry lovers, and the need for platinum is significantly growing. This is why people buy platinum online or in a shop, knowing that this metal is worth their investment.

Here are some platinum basics you should know and why this makes a perfect choice for your jewelry.

What is Platinum?

During ancient times, platinum was used in ancient Egypt some 5000 years ago. As its usage increased, this metal became recognized as one of the four precious metals. Today, platinum is a premier selection when choosing jewelry most important for unique pieces like wedding rings or engagement rings. This is an excellent choice of jewelry because it is one of the most hardened metals, and it does not fade, lose its shape, or discolor.

How can you identify platinum?

It’s extremely rare to find pure, 100% platinum jewelry. This metal is usually mixed along with other alloys. Still, the higher platinum percentage a metal is, the more expensive it is. Palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, cobalt, and copper are the most common base metals you see in platinum alloys.

To fully understand the platinum percentage of alloy, check for its platinum hallmark, you can find stamped on a piece of jewelry to indicate the purity level of the metal. Common platinum hallmarks include:

  •   950pt- metal is 95% platinum; 5% alloy
  •   900pt- metal is 90% platinum; 10% alloy
  •   850pt- metal is 85% platinum; 15% alloy
  •   800pt 200 PD- platinum is 80% pure; 20% palladium
  •   No label- less than 50% of platinum is on the metal

Typically, jewelry has purity levels, with 95% or 85% platinum content. To have a clear perspective, 18-karat gold has 75% gold content, while the 14K gold has 58% gold content. In comparison, a platinum metal with less than 80% purity is not pure platinum.

Why is it costly?

Platinum is the most luxurious and most expensive above all precious metals. Even in credit card lingo, when you are a ‘platinum’ cardholder, it means your rank is pretty high. Below are some reasons why platinum comes with a hefty price tag.

  •   Platinum is denser than gold and silver.
  •   Platinum is scarce and hard to find. You can count its number of productions from all across the globe.
  •   When you craft platinum to make as pieces of jewelry, it will require higher levels of temperature, specialized tools, and impeccable expertise.

Taking Care of Your Platinum Jewelry

You can maintain the appearance and sparkle of your platinum jewelry if you take good care of it properly. When cleaning, avoid rubbing too hard. Soft-bristled brushes dipped in warm and soapy water is enough to clean your platinum. Soft cloth also makes an excellent material to buff those tiny scratches away.

If you wish to buy platinum online, make sure you go to the website of a reputable retailer. The hallmark of the platinum should be double-checked as well. Go over the retailer’s after-sales policies as well.

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