Need to Get Away? Here Are the Top Vacation Spots on a Budget

The U.S. dollar has been at records highs relative to other currencies in recent years, and although it doesn’t feel like it impacts us on a day to day basis at work, take a trip to many locations abroad and you’ll find that it does! Let’s take a look at the most interesting travel venues that will also put your hard earned dollars to work.

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand of Southeast Asia is a beautiful location to travel on a budget. By most estimates, you can live in Bangkok for ~$400 per month. There are also many amazing attractions to see including the Grand Palace, built in 1782 and the Wat Arun structure, which symbolizes the founding the country’s new capital. Bangkok also has its own Chinatown, and I hear you can’t beat the nightlife in the city’s center, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Bangkok, it will not hurt your wallet!

South Africa

South Africa is a great location where your wallet will go very far. Home to Kruger National park and the very famous Cape Town capital. In South Africa, you will some of the most beautiful natural landscape and wildlife that there is. For some interesting venues check out Table Mountain, the Kirstenboch botanical gardens, and the famous city of Johannesburg.


Home to some of the world’s most ancient buildings, Morrocco is an important location for any avid traveler to see. The first venue you’ll want to check out is the Erg Chebbi in the Sahara Desert, where you’ll be able to take an exotic Camel Ride, and then head over to some of the most interesting cities Morrocco has to offer, including Eassaouria, Dades Valley, Marrakesh Medina, and Oudaias Kasbah.


Ah yes, Bali, we have all heard it is an amazing location spot, but what exactly is there to do in this crazy place. For starters, it doesn’t hurt to check out a relaxing spa in Jimbaran. Bali is also home to some of the most interesting hotels that the world has ever seen with safari and ocean life right out of your balcony. There are also amazing restaurants there of all styles including the Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant which overlooks Mount Batur volcano. Bali also has a unique theatre displaying artist themed dance. Lastly, if you are interested in Infinity Pools, then you are in luck; head over to the Munduk Moding Plantation, Alila Ubud and Uluwatu, and specifically the pool “among the clouds”.

Costa Rico

In Costa Rico, there is so much beauty that it is tough to pick out a few places, but a nice start is the Osa Peninsula, where the sunset just keeps going and going. Arenal Volcano National Park is another location that you will need to check out, just be careful to do at the right time! For beach lovers, Playa Grande and Langosta Playa are two gorgeous locations as well, and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is home to over 4000 different species of animals and wildlife. discount code


Everyone already knows the Albanian Riviera so let’s start there. The Riviera has become an international tourist location and a host to major music festivals including Soudwave Albania and Turtle Festle; if you’re looking for some of the hottest parties in the all of Europe, the Riviera draws tourists globally for its stunning nightlife. Next door, take a stop at the countries capital city Tirana for its beautiful historic buildings and unique culture. If you still have enough energy after the Riviera, then check out Beret, home to the historic Kalaja castle, it’s not a spot that you want to miss.

Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, the city is home to both some of the most beautiful women in the world and also the most beautiful historic and places to see. The Museo Nacional del Belles Artes is home to some of the worlds oldest and most unique art. The Teatro Colon is also a sight to see, an opera house that has hosted some of the most extravagant performances is a very popular spot. Lastly, the Plaza de Mayo is a popular tourist attraction due to its historical political symbolism of the 1810 revolution in Argentina.

All of these locations are approved for your U.S. currency; you will spend at least half on all local items than you would in the U.S. (much less than half in some cases).  In case you’re looking for an opportunity to do some shopping while you are abroad, you might consider researching your shopping options here in the U.S. so you can spot a deal when it presents itself.  After all, the world was meant to be seen!

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