Tips to Streamline Your Business’s Relocation

If it has come to a point at which you need to relocate your business for any number of reasons, it’s best to do it in a streamlined manner. This will help you save costs and also make the process easy and stress-free for yourself and your team. Here are some tips to help you do this and get the best results out of your move.

Plan it Early

As with anything else you do, thorough and advanced planning is important for a successful move. Once you decide that you’re going to move, start to plan for it. Decide on the date and time frame; then, work on a budget to work with. When you have these things in mind, you will have an easier time making the move and doing it efficiently. You will be better able to make informed choices and therefore move easily and successfully.

Use a Professional Moving Company

While you may be tempted to DIY the entire move, it’s important to get professional help for it. Doing this will make the process easy and stress-free for you. As long as you choose a good company that will be able to relocate you safely and within a good time frame, you should have an easy time. You will also be one among the 38% of corporations that use professional moving companies for their relocation and that have seen the benefits of doing so.

Keep Your Employees in the Loop

As a good business owner, you should keep your employees in the loop about your move. Let them know about any important changes to procedures and methods at the new business location, including revised fax and phone numbers as well as the new address, rules to follow while in the new building, and the unpacking and arrangement at the new location. Have them create and use a moving checklist which you will use to make the process easier for you all. While the process may be a bit unsettling for them, keeping them informed can help boost their morale and make the process bearable. Some employees may even be excited!

Make Sure Your New Area Is Competitive

With about 1.6 million businesses in California alone, it’s easy to see that there will be many businesses wherever you go. Some of these will be within your industry and possibly even your niche, so it’s important to make sure you have an advantage in your physical location when you move. Choose a location for your business that can boost your growth and help make things easier for you and therefore more profitable in the long term. This way, you will get the most from moving and will find the hassle to be worthwhile over time.

Remember to Update Your Address

Finally, while in the midst of everything, don’t forget that you need to update your address. Doing this at your earliest convenience will enable you to hit the ground running and enjoy picking up where you left off at your new location. Update the address everywhere, from your website and social media to your business cards and other promotional materials like signs. With about 76% of consumers in a survey saying that they choose to enter a business location or store based on its sign alone, it’s clear that you stand to gain a lot from keeping your address updated so you don’t confuse potential customers.

When you follow these tips, you will enjoy a streamlined moving process that will leave you and your team as stress-free as possible, all things considered. Take advantage of your new location and refresh your operations to reflect the growth your business has undergone so you can enjoy the benefits of the well-thought-out business relocation.

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