Tips for Proper Questions for Potential Online Mates

Questions asked while flirting with boys and girls online are important to meeting psychos, or lifelong partners. Don’t believe the lies that you cannot tell much online until you meet offline. Many tragedies have been avoided while asking appropriate questions online and paying attention to red flags.

The best relationship advice for online daters is to ask as many questions as possible before the first date. However, these questions need to be phrased in a manner not to scare folks away. You don’t want to have a potential mate running for the hills because you pressured them with questions.

Questions to Avoid

Upon meeting a Slavic hottie or other potential future brides on it might be better to take it slow. Avoid asking too many questions about past relationships or religious beliefs. As a rule, you should avoid religion and other fanatical topics altogether.

When engaging online daters it is best to avoid anything that sets them in a polarized position. Speak on terms or questions that place them in an approachable and attractive manner. There are some key approaches to the questioning you should practice and what to avoid.

What to Focus On

Ask them about their career paths or current employment status. These questions help you weed people out quickly. They also help you understand why someone wants to date you and not anyone else. Taking note of their employment or career path can help you gauge whether they are seeking a sugar daddy or sugar momma.

Inquiring about their favorite meals offers insight into a lot of things including where you need to take them. It can also save you trouble if she insists on meals like sushi, Italian, or some other delicacies. You won’t be cooking these meals at home, meaning these delicacies will be at your expense. That is pretty good insight before getting yourself into a heap of debt due to dating.

Ask the most general question in the book to cut down flirting, chatting, and wining and dining time. Inquire about the type of relationship they seek. They may not say they seek a hookup, but stating they need a short-term fling clears the air too. Chances are you needed a serious relationship and if you didn’t ask, you’d never know.

Deal breakers – Red Flags

While we shouldn’t weed out possibly quickly based on frivolities, there should be answers that send spine-tingling sensations. For instance, inquiring if they wish to have kids in the future should give you a pretty good picture of their potential as parents. Most women might mention hoping to have at least one child. But references to hating kids or finding them to be disgusting things should send you packing.

Another deal breaker should be any negative references to family. Most of us have dysfunctional families this is true. However, you can tell if your potential mate is still hoping to have her/his own family. Additionally, their opinion on family implies something stronger on your part. They might love your family dearly or treat them like crap, somewhat projecting from their family issues.

Bottom Line

What makes new relationships tick, especially ones bred from the internet is the number of questions you ask. Learning to weed out the riff-raff from the worthy is crucial. Also, you may not have time to learn as much once you meet, due to busy schedules. It means it might take forever to get to the nitty-gritty of things, and you might have wasted too much time. Enjoy flirting and chatting on dating apps, but pay closer attention to the questions you ask, and the answers received.