The Vatican and Pope Francis’ Net Worth

Pope Francis Net Worth

To say that the Vatican has an astonishing net worth still feels like an understatement, but just how much wealth has been accrued isn’t easy to pinpoint. Similarly, Pope Francis’ net worth is also challenging to estimate, particularly since some of it ties directly to his association with the Vatican.

Even with these constraints, it’s possible to get a solid idea of the net worth of the Vatican and Pope Francis. Here’s what we know about Pope Francis’ net worth.

The Vatican’s Net Worth

The Vatican has amassed a significant amount of wealth. However, determining precisely how much the city state is worth is difficult.

Part of the challenge focuses on the fact that many of the Vatican’s assets, such as the magnificent church, are hard to value. Predominately, this is because the city state would never sell the property, so it hasn’t made an appearance on the open market.

Additionally, the Vatican owns valuable artwork from artists like Michelangelo and Raphael. The value of art frequently shifts, though some of the pieces fall into the “priceless” category. Similarly, the Vatican controls a network of Catholic churches throughout the world, some of which are difficult to value.

Along with those assets, the Vatican’s net worth also includes a large investment portfolio. They have billions of shares in numerous corporations. Some of the most recognizable ones include General Motors, General Electric, Chase-Manhattan, Shell, and Gulf Oil.

While the Vatican’s exact net worth isn’t clear, a ballpark figure would come in at $10 to $15 billion.

Pope Francis’ Net Worth

Pope Francis was born in 1936 Buenos Aires with the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. He chose the name Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi when he became Pope.

While Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church, the Vatican’s assets aren’t inherently his own. However, Pope Francis derives much of his net worth from his association with the Vatican.

Pope Francis did spend a short time working outside of the church, including as a chemical technician and nightclub bouncer. However, the seminary was ultimately his calling. He became ordained in 1969.

While working in the church can be a path to wealth, most consider Pope Francis a modest man. He is far less extravagant than some previous popes, so his net worth may be lower than his predecessors.

However, Pope Francis’ net worth is still substantial. Some estimate his personal net worth to be near $25 to $28 million. However, some believe that number is much smaller or even substantially larger. Pope Francis does have control over certain Vatican assets, though these do not apply to his net worth.

Information about Pope Francis’ assets or holdings is sparse. This may be due to the fact that the Vatican supports his current lifestyle. But, that doesn’t mean he isn’t well off in his own right, though not to the level of the Vatican itself.

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  1. Bob Geier says

    Even a little bit of research would show that Pope Francis was a Jesuit priest who took a vow of personal poverty, meaning that he could own no personal wealth at all for most of his life. Any personal wealth would only come from his time as a bishop in Argentina, where he lived a very humble personal life and kept gains in trust for his diocese.

    Your estimate of $25 million is ludicrous. It’s closer to $10,000 – personal items like clothes, books, some gifts and mementos from friends.

    • I was thinking the same thing. How would a Catholic priest even generate so much wealth?! And I would guess the Vatican has a net worth in the hundreds of billions….

      • All these comments reflect knowledge of Catholicism and common sense—which the article lacks.

        I also question the “billions” figure for the Vatican itself. There are many, many assests—which is hardly surprising given that the institution has been around for thousands of years. I’ve just been around for 61 years, and I’ve collected all sorts of art, furniture, heirlooms, and books.

        On the topic of investments, I think people would consider the Vatican irresponsible if it did not invest wisely ignorer to support all the efforts of a world-wide organization.

  2. Maybe they save money ( paints ) 🎨🖌️

  3. Pope Francis is a Jesuit who took a vow of poverty. He receives no salary as pope. Would seriously doubt that his assets exceed $50K. To suggest he is worth millions is absolutely crazy. This man would certainly donate all of his wealth to the poor.

  4. Bill Thurmeier says

    Pope Francis has no net worth in terms of dollars and cents. Even the personal items he uses do not belong to him, they either belong to the Vatican or they belong to the Jesuit order. When you join a religious order you sign a legal document giving up the right to own anything and stating that anything you are given belongs to your order. some have ludicrously estimated his net worth at $25 million dollars and even more. They have no understanding whatsoever of how a Catholic religious order operates or what such a life entails. A little research would go a lot way to get at the truth and dispel the lies.

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