What are the Biggest Risks of Investing in Hotels?

What are the biggest risks of investing in hotels? Investing in hotels can take many forms. You can own hotel stock, you can buy into REITs, you can be a partial owner via crowdfunding, or you can own the real estate outright and operate the property as a business. All can be lucrative, but there […]

What are Some Important Things to Look for in a Financial Report?

What are some important things to look for in a financial report? A company’s financial report is a barometer for the health of its business. As an investor, you want to gauge how good of an investment a prospective company may be. A financial report will be one of your main tools in determining a […]

Three Reasons to Hold a Stock for One Year

What are three reasons to hold a stock for one year? There are just as many reasons to hold a stock as there is to sell a stock, but here are three of the main reasons to hang onto your investment for at least one year. Taxes One of the first thing that comes to […]

Is it Time to Invest in Costco Stock?

Is it time to invest in Costco stock? I am not a certified financial planner, so this article will purely be opinion.  You will have to do your own due diligence to decide if you want to be an investor or not. An Interesting Retailer Costco  is a unique retailer. Hot dogs are $1.50. You […]

Can My Small Business Invest in Stocks?

Small businesses can also make their investments out of their profits to generate additional income. The best option for hectic business owners is to invest in “hands-off,” low-risk stock investments.  Among all the businesses that operate in the US right now, 99% are small businesses, while 88% of employers in the country are owners of […]

How to Use a Low Float Stock

How can you use a low float stock as part of your trading strategy? First, it will be helpful to know what a low float stock is, then we can look at how you can use it to your advantage. What is a Low Float Stock? A stock’s float refers to the number of shares […]