Sunday’s Special Links – Gold Medal Edition

Michael Phelps gold medal 2012 olympicsThe US is having a fantastic Olympic showing so far. Slightly behind China, we’re not quite in the overall lead but I have faith. There are some major events in which the US is expected to take gold including men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics and track & field. The last five appearances by the US have all resulted in the most medals overall and I don’t think these Olympic games in London will end any differently.

I was worried for our future upon hearing stars like Michael Phelps announce retirement, but my fears were quickly vanquished after watching our youngest qualifier, 15 year-old Katie Ledecky, destroy the entire field in the 800m freestyle. We’ve even dominated the gymnastics event this year – something that is not that common with countries like China and Russia always in the mix.

When you take a break from watching the Olympics and our continued successes, check out these gold medal articles posted recently (in no particular order):

Jason @ WorkSaveLive talks about a topic that is very important to me – Teaching Future Children About Money. No educational curriculum that I’m aware of this does this for parents so they must take responsibility and teach their kids about the value of money.

If you’ve considered blogging but haven’t pulled the trigger or are a current blogger trying to figure out why you should continue, let Shilpan @ Street Smart Finance use his wonderful writing to convince you Why He Blogs And Why You Should Too.

Any post about wine is a good post in my opinion – especially when it’s about cheap wine. Crystal @ Budget In The Fun Stuff Mocks The Man and mentions some cheap wines that are actually worth mentioning.

As a blogger, it’s extremely important to know how Google judges you and why you end up where you do in its search results. At One Cent At A Time, you can find one of the best Compilations of 200 Google Signals that Determine Search Results.

Your childhood and what you learn from family plays an important role in shaping your saving/spending habits. Corey @ 20’s Finances describes why he saves and also How You Can Save: Even Your Milk Money Counts.



  1. Thank you for the mention!!!

  2. These are some great posts. I’m a big fan of cheap wine. Any time I can find a $10 bottle that tastes as good as a $25 bottle, fantastic!

    • I will never understand how people pay ungodly amounts for wine. I guess the people that do have so much, it’s trivial to them.

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