November Update

November Update

November has seen the completion of several projects with more yet to do.

Here is a November update. The start of the month has been productive so far. We finished the bedframe that I built and took it to our camp. We did a few projects at the rental property, and we had some trees cut down at our cabin.

Projects Completed

November has seen a few jobs get checked off our list. Here is a quick rundown.

I recently built a queen-sized bedframe for our cabin. It’s been finished and taken to our cabin. It is a perfect fit and should stand the test of time.

We completed a few minor projects at our rental property this month. I relocated a cable line through the attic. We also moved our fire pit area closer to the house. The original spot was unknowingly in a low spot, and it flooded when we had a heavy rainstorm at the end of last month.

Finally, we had a tree service company cut down three trees at our cabin. It was a major expense, but the trees were threatening our cabin and the neighbor’s cabin. Due to the proximity to our cabins and to the powerlines we decided to let a professional do the work. We bit the bullet on paying, but we have peace of mind that the trees are on the ground and won’t cause any damage to the property.

Projects Still Needing Done

There is still quite a bit left to do this fall. Hopefully the rest of the month will be as productive as the beginning has been.

At home I still need to do some work to our coal stove before the really cold weather comes. I’m planning on building a heat jacket around it to capture more of the heat.

At camp we must clean up the yard from the trees that were cut. There is also one last room that needs painted and some remodeling.

We still must obtain permits for a deck at the rental property. It’s not looking promising to get this project done before winter, but we will see.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for the November update. As you can see, there is plenty going on. What do you have going on this fall? Share below.

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