Morris Day Net Worth 2017

Morris Day was born on December 13, 1957 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although no information has even been released about his personal life, he is best know as the lead singer of The Time.

Musical Career
Days musical career began in high school when himself and Prince started a band called Grand Central. He eventually became part of the band Time, which is what he is most known for. The Time became most famous in the 1980s when Prince and Day started making films which in turn helped there musical career flourish. These mostly occurred in Prince’s movies Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge. They exemplified this attitude in many of their songs which helped their relationship fans.

Their most famous album was Ice Cream Castle, with songs such as Jungle Love and The Bird. The next two albums he had, Daydreaming and Guaranteed were both commercial failures and hurt his career a bit.

However in the 1990s The Time hit #1 on the R&B top hits with Jerk Out, a part of their Pandemonium album, but the bands career slowly declined slowly after that.

Throughout recent times, Day has stayed involved in music from time to time and is part of a new band called The Original Seven, releasing an album called Condensate. In 2017, Daly relseased a single called Over that Rainbow.

He and the Time still have a website which these use to commicate with fans: morrisdayandthetime.com

Acting Career 

Although acting was always Days main talent, he also had a successful career as an actor. First appearing in Princes movies, Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge and then later in Moving and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. He also appeared in Day and Silent Bob Strike Back. He also starred on the sitcoms New Attitude and Eve.


Net Worth: Morris Day has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2017. Not too bad Morris, we thank you for changing the world?

See below for a video of Morris Day performing his hit song: Jungle Love


Lets ask an important question to the readership: What is your special talent, and how will you change the world with it.

See below for a full list of Morris Days songs and films:



With The Time:

The Time (Warner Bros., 1981)

What Time Is It? (Warner Bros., 1982)

Ice Cream Castle (Warner Bros., 1984)

Pandemonium (Paisley Park Records, 1990) #18 US

Condensate (as The Original 7ven) (Saguaro Road Records, 2011)



Color of Success (1985) #37 Pop, #7 R&B

Daydreaming (1987) #41 Pop, #7 R&B

Guaranteed (1992)

It’s About Time (2004) #197 Pop, #39 R&B



With The Time:


“Get It Up”






“The Walk”



“Gigolos Get Lonely Too”




“Ice Cream Castles”

“Jungle Love”



“The Bird”



“Jerk Out”




“Trendin” (as The Original 7ven)




“The Oak Tree” #65 Pop, #3 R&B

“Color of Success” #15 R&B

“The Character” #34 R&B


“Love Sign”



“Fishnet” #23 Pop,#1 R&B

“Daydreaming”, #26 R&B

“Love Is a Game”, #71 R&B

“Are You Ready?”



“Gimme Whatcha Got”

“Circle of Love”


“Get A Job”     #96 R&B


“Over that Rainbow”

“One Night Stand” featuring Snoop Dogg



With Prince:

Graffiti Bridge

Purple Rain


Other appearances:

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back



The Adventures of Ford Fairlane



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