Joe Rogan’s Wife’s Net Worth

Joe Rogan – a Brief Introduction

You may have heard of Joe Rogan.  If not, here is a brief summary.  Joe Rogan is a celebrity stand up comedian, actor, MMA color commentator, and podcast host.  He began his comedy career in the 80’s, has been involved with multiple television appearances including hosting the show Fear Factor.  He has worked for UFC as a color commentator, and currently he runs a podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.  His podcast is downloaded over 16 million times a month making one of the most popular free podcasts in the country.  He lives a private life, but it is estimated that he has a net worth around $25 million.

Wait – You’re Married to Who? 

There is some misinformation on the internet about who Joe Rogan’s wife actually is.  There are lengthy articles claiming that his wife if Jessica Schimmel.  This is not the case, however.  Jessica Schimmel is the daughter of Robert Schimmel, a comedian.  She started her career working on the Simpsons and later with Howard Stern.  It is estimated that she has a net worth around $0.5 million, but she is not married to Joe Rogan as several internet sites claim.

So, who is Joe Rogan’s wife?  That honor goes to Jessica Sloan Ditzel.  Jessica was born in 1975 in Sugarland Texas.  After high school she would attend California State University – Long Beach for her Bachelor’s.  Her major has never been made public, but it is known that she worked in modeling and as a cocktail waitress upon graduation to make a living.

Jessica married Joe Rogan in 2009, and they have 2 children together.  The details of their wedding date and of their children’s’ birthdays have never been made public.

Both Jessica and Joe live low-key lifestyles making information hard to come by and often causing confusion.  Jessica stays away from social media, and the couple is rarely seen together in public.

So, What About Jessica’s Net Worth?

The point of this article was to discover Jessica Ditzel’s net worth.  So, what can be found regarding this?  The short answer is, not much.  The extremely private life that this couple lives makes information hard to come by.  But, we do have a few ideas about her fortune.  It is estimated that she has a net worth somewhere below $500,000 mostly from TV production and product analysis work.  It is believed that she works behind the scenes on much of Joe’s projects.


I commend Joe and Jessica for maintaining such a low profile in a world where almost everything that everyone does is online.  It makes for a frustrating experience for someone such as myself who is looking for information, but I respect them, nonetheless.  All we do know for sure is that Jessica works with Joe on many of his ventures and that she has around a half million dollars aside from Joe’s fortune.  It’s a shame that not all celebrities and people in general don’t keep things closer to the vest.


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