How to Increase Your Home’s Value Using Curb Appeal

Did you know improving the curb appeal of your home could drastically increase its value? The exterior part of a home is like a book cover since it portrays what’s inside. Whether a person intends to sell or just make some improvements, adding curb appeal is usually cheaper and easier to make the home appear more appealing while adding to its value. The following are some tips you can apply to increase a house’s value using curb appeal.

Trim Your Shrubbery

This entails eliminating specific parts, roots, branches, or buds of shrubs or trees dying or dead due to diseases, lack of sunlight, or pests. A person can also trim their plants for aesthetic reasons or to achieve healthy growth.

Trimming the shrubs in your home is a perfect way of maintaining and conserving young and grown plants. Besides, this also protects your loved ones, the plants, and properties from injuries, damage, or pests. Trimming is also an essential aspect of a long-term maintenance plan. Well-maintained shrubs and trees can increase a home’s value by up to 14%.

Repaint the Exterior of Your Home

Generally, real estate appraisers and pros recommend that painting a home’s exterior as one of the best methods enhances curb appeal. This is because potential buyers can easily note it while the appraisers use it to increase the home’s value.

While repainting, you should consider using the paint which the house already has. If you are not familiar or perfect with colors, you can scrape some paint from the house and request the local paint store to match it. Repainting increases a home’s value by enhancing its curb appeal.

Install Chic Handrails on Your Front Steps

Many people overlook the aspect of stairs. However, this is not the same with people with mobility issues. Although some people may not pay attention to installing chic handrails, it can make a significant difference when dealing with curb appeal and increasing a home’s value. Besides, installing these features reduces the likelihood of sustaining injuries due to accidents since people, especially those with mobility issues, need to support themselves. It is also important to note that apart from people using wheelchairs, 11.6 million people use canes, walkers, or crutches. Hence, installing these features can make such clients consider the home if you intend to sell it.

Utilize Outdoor Furniture Smartly

Too little outdoor furniture can make a home appear neglected or scarce, while too much can clutter its appearance. Therefore, you should find a balance. Additionally, you should also ensure they remain in good condition and clean. If your compound is small, you should consider installing simple ceramic stools for seating. You can also add some appeal by setting a table that has a planter on its upper area. For some added interest and color, you could consider installing a flag pole to fly a decorative flag. This can grab attention and add curb appeal too. There are flag pole kits available online that can make installation quick and easy. Although these are ways of saving money and space, they also make the compound appealing.

Plant and Groom Trees

Properties with beautifully planted trees and well-landscaped yards usually appeal to potential buyers, since they impress them before setting foot inside the house. Furthermore, aesthetics play a crucial role in detracting or emphasizing curb appeal.

If your home has dying or dead trees when you intend to sell it, you should eliminate them immediately. Besides being an eyesore, they can also make the home appear less valuable based on the potential buyer’s first impression. So, if you opt to plant trees in your home, you should ensure they are well maintained throughout the seasons based on your location. However, planting trees can significantly increase your home’s value. For instance, mature trees have been known to increase homes’ values by up to 20%.

Improving your home’s curb appeal can last for a few days or even a day when you plan based on projects that make a difference. Besides, a home usually has many appealing elements, and it may only need minor renovations. If you pay attention to the above tips, the results cannot disappoint you.

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