How To Answer The Most Asked Interview Questions [Infographic]

If you’re in the midst of a job hunt, this infographic is a must read. It will prepare you for what the authors state are the most asked interview questions–and how to answer them.

I must say I was surprised at how many job interview questions and answers they present. There’s no such thing as over-preparing, right? Well, I think in the case of memorizing answers to 35 questions such as these that may be overdoing it. But if you are “studying” in preparation for an upcoming interview, I think the absolutely most important things you can study is:

  1. the company itself
  2. the job description
  3. yourself and your experience
  4. how your experience answers and exceeds that job description’s listed needs

If you sound knowledgeable about your field, their company, and the workings of the position, you’ll appear to be well-versed and seasoned. Which will certainly give you an upperhand over other interviewees.

I want to highlight, and detract, from some of the 35 questions below. After directing a call center for years and fulfilling hundreds of interviewers, I’ve got some of my own thoughts on a few of these.

8. Do you consider yourself successful?

I’ve never asked nor have I been asked this question. Have you?

9. Why have you been unemployed for such a long time?

This is an excellent question that I would want to know the answer to. Unfortunately, interviewers may view unemployed people as having perished skills–which isn’t necessarily true. At the expense of making your resume look like you hopped from job to job, I would try to fill in that blank space of unemployment, even if it means you free-lanced. You don’t have to tell them how much or how little work you got as a “free-lancer” in between jobs.

13. Describe your management style.

If you haven’t succeeded as a manager, or were not well-regarded by your employees, this will be a question that will be difficult to navigate. Be ready to share your philosophy. Don’t pander to people that drive people too hard, but don’t sound like a patty-cake either that won’t drive people to be productive.

17. What irritates you about your co-workers?

I have never considered this question. It’s an interesting one because I could see it being very revealing. If you’re asked this question, I would focus on being as positive as possible and highlighting how productive, effective and unified your team was. If you had a team in total disarray, focus on how you were a leader amongst the pack.

28. What have you learned from your previous mistakes?

I’m baffled that this question is so far down this list. It’s an extremely common one that you should be prepared for. Consider it an opportunity to show how wise and resilient you are.

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How To Answer The Most Asked Interview Questions Infographic:

Most Asked Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
Sample Questionnaire

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