Gemmy Godfrey Net Worth

Gemma GodfeyWho is Gemma Godfrey? 
Gemma Godfrey is CEO and founder of Moola, a personal finance firm dedicated to helping people grow their wealth. Aside from  this, she has become quite the celebrity in recent years due to her appearance on the celebrity apprentice, SkyNews, and CNBC. Gemma was also recently rated one of the most powerful women in London by CityAm.

Gemmy Godfrey Net Worth: $3.5 million
Career Beginnings 
Godfrey started her career in the wealth management department of Goldman Sachs before working as a fund manager at various investment management firms. She was head of investment strategy at Brooks MacDonald, Chairman of the Investment Committee at Credo Capital, and serves on the board of CLU School of Management.

Moola is a ‘top ten FinTech company to watch for’. The company is focused on helping individuals grow this money in a low cost form by providing online investment services as well as guidance involving financial goals for the beginner investor.

According to the companies website, Moola enhances financial wellbeing, as a digital investment service. It solves the need for a low cost, simple to understand and easy to access investment service. The service offers people the comfort to get started, investment options that were previously out of reach, financial literacy and peace of mind. The company also seeks to works directly with business as part of an overall health benefits program.

Although Gemma has accomplished a great deal already, she is still young and it’s likely she will have a much larger impact in the future. Moola, although still growing has already impacted the financial well being of many people, and will only continue to do so. Congrats Gemma, we’re proud of you!

What We Can Really Learn From Gemma
Other than learning from her obvious hard work, we can learn that one can take on different careers simultaneously and be successful, and that eventually success snd happiness should come down to giving back to the world in some way.

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