Financial Education Is My Goal

Eliminating financial illiteracy, one post at a time.  That sums up the purpose of the blog in one sentence.  Everyday at work, I speak to people that are baffled by financial complexities.  With direct contact, I’m able to greatly help the 20+ individuals I speak to, but by creating a personal finance blog, I hope to help thousands per day.

I will cover all sorts of topics ranging from personal finance issues to semi-complex market philosophies.  My knowledge will not be bound my current expertise; so, if enough people ask for topics that I don’t fully understand, I will do my best to master the subject and talk about it here.

Not only is this is a source of learning, it will be a personal journey.  I’ve always wondered if I could appeal to a mass audience.  Speaking to 10 people in a financial seminar is somethings that comes easily to me.  Blogging is a whole new realm in which I hope to find success.

I welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Most importantly though, make sure your criticism of myself or others is constructive.  I want this to become a community where people are not scared to ask questions they perceive as “stupid”.

Let the financial journey begin.

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