Financial Check In for July 2022

financial check in
financial check in
A quick check up on my finances

Here is a quick financial check in for July 2022. It’s hard to believe that the year is more than half over already. I’ve had a busy year with projects and work. My income has increased substantially, and so has my savings rate. Here is an update.


My only debt continues to be my mortgage. I was thinking about refinancing, but the math told me that it didn’t make sense. With the rise in interest rates it definitely doesn’t make sense to do now. I may eventually pay extra, but I am just making the payment for now so I can save more.


My income has increased substantially thanks to a recent promotion and due to me picking up a part time job. I’m currently putting away over $1000 a month in cash. This is on top of the money that I am contributing to my investments on a monthly basis. I’m very happy with my current savings and investment rate.

Real Estate

Our rental cottage  continues to perform very well for us. We are approaching $10,000 in rents for the season, and we still have a lot of dates open. So far, all the proceeds are going back into the property to make improvements and upgrades. I estimate that after one more year the money will be able to be pocketed or used as a down payment on another rental.

Wrapping Up

That was a quick financial check in for July 2022. Even during these trying times things are going well for me. Debt is down, and income is up. How do your finances look? Share in the comments below.

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