Fidel Castro’s Net Worth

Fidel Castro Net Worth

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, the former Cuban communist politician and revolutionary better known simply as Fidel Castro, accrued a significant amount of wealth over the course of his life. But what was Fidel Castro’s net worth before his death, and what attributed to his wealth?

If you are curious about Fidel Castro’s net worth, here’s what you need to know.

Fidel Castro’s History

While the sum of his fortune is great, most of the information surrounding how amassed his wealth isn’t widely known. Fidel Castro was the from a family of prominent Galician landowners. The value of their property was significant, consisting of much more than just a home, but also a school, pub, hotel, market, and post office.

He was able to study law at the University of Havana, earning a doctorate in 1950. Fidel Castro was known for his leftist ideology, and because recognized for his revolutionary activities, including participating in uprisings against dictators Rafael Leonidas Trujillo and General Fulgencio Batista.

After a successful coup, Fidel Castro spent the majority of his life in leadership roles in Cuba, though his title changes several times. He began as the commander of the army and prime minister, allowing Fidel Castro’s net worth to start trending upward as he announced that Cuba would become a socialist republic.

Later, he was given the title of State Council Chairman and held the position of Cuban Community Party General Secretary, and his wealth continued to grow. He also had the mantle of president.

Fidel Castro’s Net Worth

In 2006, Fidel Castro’s health began to fail, so his brother, Raul Castro, took over the head leadership position in Cuba and became the president. However, Castro did remain as an integral part of the government. He began operating as the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in the nation until 2011.

Over his political career, Fidel Castro reportedly had large assets, though at least some of this would have related to his control over the majority of the Cuban economy. However, he retired to his home in “Punto Cero,” which was a 75-acre estate. He also had a summer residence near the capital that was considered luxurious, along with at least four other properties.

He likely owned numerous other homes, but information about them was considered a secret. Fidel Castro spent much of his life fearing assassination attempts, so details about his residences weren’t readily available.

One estimate suggests he had an annual income of $150 million, allowing Fidel Castro’s net worth to grow over the course of his adult life. Plus, he likely had a range of other assets, like vehicles, boats, and valuables, which are part of the total.

Before his death in November 2016, Fidel Castro’s net worth was estimated at $900 million. However, as certain information about the infamous Cuban leader is hard to come by, it could have been higher.

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