“Every Sunday’s Special” Links: Memorial Day Edition

Football season can’t come quick enough for me.  My anticipation of the upcoming season was only heightened after recently receiving season tickets from a very special somebody.  Events like the NFL draft and the owners’ discussions over knee pads help to curtail my appetite but there’s nothing like three hours in the dome on Sundays.

As Ray Lewis often says, “every Sundays special baby”.  We may not all agree on what makes Sundays special, but I think we can agree that the links below provide some wonderful advice that will help us all manage our money a little better.

I read 20 – 30 blog posts per day (thank you Google Reader) and choose just a handful to feature in my Every Sunday’s Special Links.  I love when I read a post and think to myself afterwards, “that’s incredibly useful – I can’t believe I didn’t know that”.

While we can’t kick back with a cold beer in our hands and watch some football until September, have fun this Memorial Day weekend and enjoy these great articles from around the web.

Sunday’s Special Links

My Family Finances points out some basic bank rules for writing checks.  These are all great reminders that we probably learned at one time or another, but have since forgotten as our brain replaces these facts with acronyms like NFC and ACH.

Since advisors don’t have fees labeled “rust-proofing”, Average Joe provides a great checklist to understand advisor fees.

The way we should invest when we’re young is not at all like the way we will invest during retirement.  Jason at WorkSaveLive explains and asks what phase of investing are you in?

If you’re at all discouraged over the possibility of achieving the American dream in this stale economy, raise your spirits and check out what’s your American dream over at Street Smart Finance.

As somebody who could count their total doctor’s visits on one hand, I was never concerned with the costs of health care. Recently though, I had to pay $1,100, out of pocket, for a 30 minute routine procedure.  I can easily relate to Modest Money’s post putting your health before you finances.

Remember, every Sunday’s special baby.


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