Every Sunday’s Special Links: Catalina Island Edition

A good vacation is just as important as hard work. When you put in some solid, productive work, you have to reward yourself. It’s also important to recharge so you come back to your job fresh and focused.

The Facebook IPO was not fun for anybody in the financial industry. The inflows of accounts and assets broke records at my firm. On the Friday of the IPO, we also dealt with a record number of customer problems and complaints.

Because of you Facebook, I’m taking a vacation to Catalina Island this week.

Of course I must have something to read on my way out there. These are the top posts I’ve come accross this week and the ones I’ll start my travels with.

Fear is a large part of investing. Fearless Men writes a great post on the differences between being foolish and Fearless: Is That Enough?

I knew that some people had shopping problems but I didn’t know it got severe enought justify medical solutions. Retire by 40Finally, A Pill For Shopaholics.

20’s Finances had the same idea that I did and realizes the you must Enjoy Your Vacation.

We’ve all done stupid things to save money. Often, we don’t realize how stupid our actions were until we look back on them. Financial Samurai reminds us of The Stupid Things People Do To Save Money.

As a result of the recession and high unemployment, many people have terrible credit. Krantcents helps out by discussing borrowing options for people with Bad Credit Personal Finances.

When you’re on vacation, bill pay automation is practically necessary – especially when you’re up in the mountains shooting guns for a couple of days like l was. That’s one of the many useful tips shared by OneCentAtATimeTime Management For Better Financial Health.

Try to enjoy your time at work this week. If you’re on vacation like me, you shouldn’t have any problem enjoying your time off.


  1. Thanks for mentioning about my post! Enjoy your vacation

  2. Thanks for the inclusion and hosting, I really appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for mentioning us. Appreciate it! I also enjoyed some of the other articles listed here. Have a good vacation!

  4. Thanks for the mention! I love Catalina. It’s a lot of fun for a day trip and I would love to stay over the weekend someday.

  5. Oh man do I miss Catalina – only made it over there a couple of times but I fell in love.

    • That was my first time out there and I can’t wait to go back. It’s such a quaint and relaxing place.

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