Easiest ways to earn money online

In another year where many still can’t go outside safely, new ways to make income are more important than ever. More crucial than most are ways to earn money online. If you can find a steady way of making a living without leaving the house, you’ll be both safe and able to work on your own time. It’s something many of us wish we could do. But finding online income sources that aren’t scarce part-time work is tough. You really have to diversify and try different things. 

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by trying your luck with sports betting. This is especially true in states like Pennsylvania, where casinos like Draftkings are just coming into their own. There, many inexperienced gamblers in the Keystone State can win big thanks to welcome offers from big casino brands; if you know just where to place your bets, you can grab some big winnings from them. 

How To Get In On Sports Betting


Online sports betting is huge this year thanks to all the states that have joined Pennsylvania in legalizing it in 2021.The money is flowing in record amounts as people are bored after an extended lockdown and looking to try new things. The promise of hitting a jackpot doesn’t hurt, either. Finally, there’s the convenience factor: people in states like Pennsylvania that have legal online sportsbooks so that users can place bets from home or even on their phone. Since it’s so easy to play, people who would never step foot in a casino are giving gambling a shot. 

It’s easy to sign up in Pennsylvania, all you have to do is download a sportsbook app (usually DraftKings) and create an account. Then you deposit however much you feel comfortable betting and you can usually get some kind of welcome bonus in the form of free plays or deposit matching. From there, you can pick your favorite sport or team and start betting. Sportsbook apps allow you to get very specific in how you bet. Rather than just picking a winner, you can specialize in certain scores or even place bets during the game so you have a better guess at the outcome. 

Sports betting can be a great money maker if you already follow the Eagles, Penguins, or any of Pennsylvania’s other favorite teams. Particularly if you’re the type who tracks stats or loves following individual players. Focus on that one sport you know well, and you can usually turn your investment into profit by beating less experienced bettors who are just trying out the app. 


Specialized Markets Present Less Competition And Less Risk


If you’re just starting out, you don’t want to put large amounts of money on big events like the Superbowl. Instead, look into more niche markets like player props. The pot isn’t as big, but it’s easier to get acquainted with the stats and players you need to follow to make informed bets. There’s also less competition as many people do want to risk it on the bigger jackpots for bigger rewards. This also means sticking mostly to Pennsylvania games instead of trying to follow other teams or international events. Once you’ve mastered a specialized market, you’ll also find that you’ve honed your betting instincts to the point where you can guess well on big games. 


Write Articles For Freelance Sites


Of course, you might be too nervous to get into betting right away. In that case, you can look for a freelance writing gig. Many sites that specialize in things like tech or online poker are looking for writers to cover various aspects of the hobby. You could write deals lists, cover industry news, or write guides on upcoming events. Having specialized knowledge, such as detailed fandom of Pennsylvania teams, can help you stand out and get more constant writing work. If you become the Eagles guy, you’ll find more people want to read your work. A lot of these jobs have flexible schedules that allow you to write on your own time, so you can work them around child care or another job. 


The best thing about writing industry articles is that you end up learning a lot about the trade. This could help your future endeavors. For instance, if you write about sports and sports betting, you’ll eventually pick up tricks and information. You might figure out which teams consistently do well, or which betting markets bear the best fruit. You don’t always need a degree, either. As long as you can put together some decent paragraphs, you can learn about an industry as you write about it! 


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