Protect Your Investments – How To Shield Your Portfolio From Decline

In life, we’re always taking steps to protect our assets and property. Protection is often a necessity for survival as you buy insurance to guard your health and life insurance to protect your family in the event that you pass. In much the same way, we install alarms on our homes, acquire car insurance, home […]

A Look At Emergency Funds

Emergency funds are a well discussed topic in the work of personal finance. Before I started my own blog, I never really considered one. It was a total after thought. As an ”emergency” situation arose, we found a way to deal with it which usually involved rearranging bills in some way and always figuring it […]

Selling Covered Calls To Generate Extra Income

If you’re a buy-and-hold investor with at least 100 shares of a particular stock, you could be generating extra income with little effort on your part. No, I’m not referring to dividends. Selling covered calls is a low risk options strategy that allows you to collect a premium for writing calls while you still own the […]

Understanding Options (part 3) – Debit and Credit Spreads

This is part three of a multipart series designed to teach you about options and how to trade them.  Previously, I discussed the basics of options and buying puts and calls. This time, we will combine options into what are known as spreads, in an attempt to profit from various stock movement scenarios. First off, […]

Understanding Options (part 2) – Buying Puts And Calls

Last week I discussed the basics of options in my post Options Are Complicated For A Reason. I listed the most important terms and displayed an option matrix that explains the basic concepts of calls and puts in a visual manner. Now that you understand some of the core concepts of options, it’s time for […]

Understanding Options (part 1) – Options Are Complicated For A Reason

Anybody who’s ever taken a look at options is well aware that, at first glance they appear to very complicated. Terms like calls, puts, derivatives, strangles, LEAPS and others, all seem to confuse the average investor. Why not use terms like ‘buy option’, ‘sell option’, etc.? This is part one of a multipart series in which […]