4 Tips for Owning and Operating a Gun Range

Owning and operating a gun range can be a very profitable business, all things considered. As long as you’re willing and able to do good planning and are willing to comply with strict regulations at the local, federal, and state levels, you have a good chance of succeeding in this business and getting amazing returns […]

What are the Biggest Risks of Investing in Hotels?

What are the biggest risks of investing in hotels? Investing in hotels can take many forms. You can own hotel stock, you can buy into REITs, you can be a partial owner via crowdfunding, or you can own the real estate outright and operate the property as a business. All can be lucrative, but there […]

The History of Trading: Who Were the First Stock Traders and What Can We Learn From Them?

If you look through the history of trading, you’ll see stock markets did not begin as the gargantuan behemoths they are today. The beginnings of trading wasn’t in stocks, as “companies” didn’t exist as they do today. In 12th century France there were those, on behalf of banks, in charge of managing and regulating debts […]

6 Things to Research Before Buying a Rental Property

It’s important to consider the risks of renting a property in a particular location before committing. This is critical to avoid renting a property in an area with a lot of crime. For instance, according to Eric Strand of Strand Law Office, LLC, about 35,000 arrests were effected in Pennsylvania in 2019. Renting a property […]

4 Rooms to Remodel for the Highest Returns

Remodeling your home should serve a number of purposes in order to be fully beneficial to you. From improving the appearance and function of your home to saving money, there are various advantages you can get if you do it right. With this in mind, it’s important to note that not every space in your […]

Investing 101: Recommended Reading

I have spent my life listening to others talk about investing and the research they put into those decisions. I’ve never actually been interested in that side of money. (Yes, I know, a seriously missed opportunity!) I choose what I do with my money solely based on other people’s advice. And then suddenly, I find […]

How Investing Can Boost Your Financial Growth

We are all looking for ways to increase our bottom line. Investing is a surefire way to improve your financial growth. Whether it’s the stock market, angel investing, real estate or even investing in your own personal growth, the return on investment has been proven lucrative over and over again. Here are a few ways […]

How To Get Into Angel Investing

Once the TV show Shark Tank became so popular, Angel Investing has become a common practice for private investors. The question is, how does an individual get started with angel investing? And can one get wealthy from angel investing? What Is Angel Investing? Angel investing is the opportunity for individual investors to essentially buy into […]

Fall Financial Update

Here is a fall financial update. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving, but the weather has turned colder, the days are short, and the Holidays are upon us. Now is a good time to review personal finances and start to think about goals for the coming year. Personal Finances My income has increased […]