4 Rooms to Remodel for the Highest Returns

Remodeling your home should serve a number of purposes in order to be fully beneficial to you. From improving the appearance and function of your home to saving money, there are various advantages you can get if you do it right. With this in mind, it’s important to note that not every space in your […]

Investing 101: Recommended Reading

I have spent my life listening to others talk about investing and the research they put into those decisions. I’ve never actually been interested in that side of money. (Yes, I know, a seriously missed opportunity!) I choose what I do with my money solely based on other people’s advice. And then suddenly, I find […]

How Investing Can Boost Your Financial Growth

We are all looking for ways to increase our bottom line. Investing is a surefire way to improve your financial growth. Whether it’s the stock market, angel investing, real estate or even investing in your own personal growth, the return on investment has been proven lucrative over and over again. Here are a few ways […]

How To Get Into Angel Investing

Once the TV show Shark Tank became so popular, Angel Investing has become a common practice for private investors. The question is, how does an individual get started with angel investing? And can one get wealthy from angel investing? What Is Angel Investing? Angel investing is the opportunity for individual investors to essentially buy into […]

Fall Financial Update

Here is a fall financial update. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving, but the weather has turned colder, the days are short, and the Holidays are upon us. Now is a good time to review personal finances and start to think about goals for the coming year. Personal Finances My income has increased […]

The Best Ways To Find Startup Companies To Invest In

  Many investors are interested in startups because of the attractive financial returns but don’t know where to start. Are you one of those who want to invest in a startup company but lack connections and don’t know how to find them?  In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to […]

4 Investments That Are More Expensive Than You Realize

Wise investors are familiar with a few different types of investments and use that knowledge to make money in various ways. There are a lot of baskets to choose from when investing, which is why it is crucial to understand all the available options before starting to build your portfolio and invest your money. Below […]

How Much Can You Make From Claw Machines?

How much can you make from claw machines? Have you ever thought about owning and operating vending machines? Can they be profitable? Here is a brief look into the world of vending machines. Claw Machine Facts A claw machine is considered a fairly passive income source once it is up and running, since you will […]

The Cottage is Booking Up

The cottage is booking up for the summer. May and June are almost full, and July is starting to fill. So far, this first season has been a success with only a few minor issues. Here is a quick rundown. Income Total income so far is just over $7000. If bookings stay constant, then we […]