Weekly Stock Pick & Favorite Reads

The stock to watch in the 47th week of the year is Apple (AAPL). You could say that Apple has been the hot stock for the last couple of years, but the recent decline in Apple’s stock price has me keeping my eye on it this week. Since hitting an intraday high of $705.07 on […]

Sunday’s Special Links: Thievery Edition

I woke up Saturday morning with a high level of excitement and anticipation – after driving the same vehicle for 9 years, I was finally buying a new one. I could have swapped cars in the past, but I’ve loved my Toyota 4Runner – 174,000 miles later and it’s still driving just as good as […]

iTunes Giveaway and Sunday’s Special Links

Edit 9/14/2012:  The Dow officially closed at 13593.37. I need more Facebook ‘likes’ so I’m giving away a $15 iTunes gift card to get them. I realize that $15 is not very much, but neither are the requirements to enter: ‘Like’ my Facebook page Subscribe to my RSS feed Comment below and guess what you […]

Sunday’s Special Links – Gold Medal Edition

The US is having a fantastic Olympic showing so far. Slightly behind China, we’re not quite in the overall lead but I have faith. There are some major events in which the US is expected to take gold including men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics and track & field. The last five appearances by the US […]

New Look, Same Great Content

All Things Finance has undergone a facelift. I didn’t feel that the last look was very inducive to a blog-style format. I hope you like the new look and functionality. Please give me a few days to have everything looking perfect. In the mean time, please enjoy some of my favorite articles of the week […]

Every Sunday’s Special Links: Catalina Island Edition

A good vacation is just as important as hard work. When you put in some solid, productive work, you have to reward yourself. It’s also important to recharge so you come back to your job fresh and focused. The Facebook IPO was not fun for anybody in the financial industry. The inflows of accounts and […]

“Every Sunday’s Special” Links: Memorial Day Edition

Football season can’t come quick enough for me.  My anticipation of the upcoming season was only heightened after recently receiving season tickets from a very special somebody.  Events like the NFL draft and the owners’ discussions over knee pads help to curtail my appetite but there’s nothing like three hours in the dome on Sundays. […]

The Yakezie Challenge

I have officially joined the Yakezie Challenge! The Yakezie is the web’s largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network. After six months, I hope to fulfill the requirements needed to become a member of this wonderful network.

Financial Education Is My Goal

Eliminating financial illiteracy, one post at a time.  That sums up the purpose of the blog in one sentence.  Everyday at work, I speak to people that are baffled by financial complexities.  With direct contact, I’m able to greatly help the 20+ individuals I speak to, but by creating a personal finance blog, I hope […]