The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning Credit Cards

The easiest way to borrow money is through credit card but before applying for one you have to know important facts about owning one. I have known people who were greatly indebted to it. Why? Because they don’t have self control. An employee can apply for one if you have a good credit history which […]

3 Barcode Myths Debunked

You are probably familiar with the term “urban myths.” But what about barcode myths? Have you heard about the alligators that inhabit New York sewage systems? Do you know about the myth that Mr. Rogers was a Navy Seal and wore his cardigan to cover numerous tattoos? Here is a lesser know one. Myths often […]

Can You Take Out a Life Insurance Policy on Someone Without Them Knowing?

If you want to take out a life insurance policy on someone, without them knowing, can you do so?  This may seem like a question that has its origins in not so innocent intention. It just seems like this would not be something you would want to do for a good reason. This isn’t necessary […]

For Your Business: Thermal Paper and POS Receipt Printers

Technology has shown significant advancement that helps businesses out appreciably. One of these advancements is thermal printing. This is a money and time saver for businesses and your customers will appreciate how quickly a receipt prints out, keeping them from having to wait too long. This blog is going to take a look into what […]

Realize your household potential on a restricted budget

Maintaining a clean and fashionable household is an ongoing drain on resources that can fill even the most recumbent spender with ire. A range of specialist cans and sprays jostle brightly on the supermarket shelves, each claiming exclusive knowledge of the best way to unblock the sink, rid your life of pests and add gleam […]

Bad Credit Car Financing: What You Need to Know

If you have poor credit, you may assume that getting a loan for a new car is out of the question. After all, why would a lender give a new car loan to a person with a poor financial history? Thankfully, you may be more eligible for a new car loan than you think. While […]

Annual Travel Insurance: What Travelers Need to Know Before That Next Big Trip

For people who travel, traveler’s insurance is a must. After all, there is no way of knowing when a flight will be delayed, a wallet will be lost, an accident will happen or a sickness will cancel a trip. For people who travel frequently, however, purchasing traveler’s insurance for every trip can become expensive in […]

Why Investing in Technology is the Right Move for Small Business

Small businesses owners need technology more than ever. With a growing population of tech savvy customers always on the lookout for the newest and greatest offerings, there’s a focus on how technology can be used to grow your company and increase your profits. The good news is small businesses need to only invest a little […]

Interpreting Your Financial Aid Award Letter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Choosing a college to attend is a very important decision, and there are a lot of factors that contribute to this choice. When you apply and start receiving acceptance letters, deciding how you will pay for college is a next step, and that’s where filling out the FAFSA and receiving your financial aid award letters […]

What Does the Average College Freshman Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many students are unsure of what to expect when they enter their first year of college. Picking a major, deciding on a public school vs. a private school, and deciding how to pay for college are only a few of many questions that go through the minds of students and their families as they prepare […]