Brian’s Recommendations

I’m going to lay out a list of financial resources.  This is not a list of ideals but, instead its a list of actual financial websites, services, and publications that I actually use and have found value in.

Hopefully you too can take advantage of some of these in your own life and financial journey.


Here are a few websites that I use on a regular basis:

CNBC: great for updates on the stock market and commentary on current financial events.  They also have a TV channel that I watch from time to time.  www.cnbc.com

Bloomberg: another Wall Street based website.  Lots of good articles on financial matters.  www.bloomberg.com

MarketWatch: I use this site on a regular basis for financial news.  www.marketwatch.com

Drudge Report: General news and headlines.  I enjoy this site because they usually have a lot of lesser known stories.  Caution, lots of politics on here.  www.drudgereport.com

YouTube: Endless resources on any and every subject imaginable.  I often watch Podcasts on here and look up how to videos to help save money on fixing and repairing things around the house.  www.youtube.com


Podcasts can be an excellent source of information for whatever it is you are wanting to learn about or sharpen your skills on.  Here are a few that I listen to on a regular basis.

Dave Ramsey: A household name of budgeting and debt elimination.  I enjoy listening to Dave for inspiration on staying focused and disciplined on budgeting and debt elimination.  His show does get repetitive, and his investment advice is often criticized as being inaccurate and unrealistic.  www.daveramsey.com

Grant Cardone: A titan of commercial real estate investing and a master trainer of sales, Grant is a great resource for thinking big, focusing on higher income generation, and going against common knowing and beliefs of money management.  His style isn’t for everyone, but it is worth a listen. https://www.youtube.com/user/GrantCardone

Bigger Pockets: All things real estate.  This is a great place to learn all about real estate investing from financing to property management.  www.biggerpockets.com

Corey Wayne:  A self-proclaimed life coach, Corey focuses primarily on relationships, but he does have a lot of material on finding success in career and business through self-discipline, and confidence building.  https://understandingrelationships.com/


Printed publications are becoming a thing of the past, but I have subscribed to several over the years.  I like having something on paper if I want to unplug for a bit.

Barons: One of the best stock market-based publications on the market.  Their in-depth analysis of stocks and the markets in general are second to none.  One word of caution; the information is advanced and not for the novice investor.  You can get a weekly subscription to Barons for an introductory price of $1 an issue.  www.barrons.com

Money: I no longer subscribe to this magazine, but it was a good source of basic investment advice.  Also, the price was right at around $1 an issue.  This is a good magazine for someone starting out with investing, but as you become more advanced you will outgrow the usefulness of this publication.  Still, it’s worth a look.  As I write this, news broke that Money will stop publishing their magazine after June of 2019.  The website is still alive however, so you can still view content there.  http://money.com/money/

Kiplinger’s: Pretty much the same as Money Magazine.  Solid basic advice for the beginner or hands-off investor.  Also priced right and a good read.  https://www.kiplinger.com/

Mother Earth News: Living in a rural area, I have a garden, fruit trees, and berry bushes.  This is a great magazine for those living in the country who grow their own food, are looking for ways to become more self-sufficient, or want to save some money by doing and fixing things on their own.  https://www.motherearthnews.com/

So, that is my basic list.  I’d love to know what resources you are using on your financial journey.  Post a comment below to share.