Basement Flood and Other Updates

June brought a basement flood and more DIY projects to do

We had a bit of a basement flood the other day from a severe thunderstorm that passed through. Luckily, it was just a wet carpet. Everything dried out in a couple days with nothing being ruined. Others in the area weren’t so lucky. Here’s what else is going on with me as June draws to a close.

Basement Flood

Last weekend a strong storm passed through causing some downed trees, flash flooding, and power outages. Unfortunately, we didn’t escape without issue. Water made its way into the garage and the basement. The carpet in the finished part of the basement got soaked, and we had to move out all the furniture and scrub the rug. Fortunately, everything dried out in a couple days, and nothing was ruined. I was lucky.

Some others in my area suffered major flooding and damage from wind and downed trees. I do have a plan to prevent the water from coming in going forward. I’ll definitely be writing about that in a future update.

Wealth Building

My portfolio continues to hover near a record. The markets have been down lately, but so far it hasn’t impacted my holdings too much. There are no major changes to report here. I’ll be continuing with dollar cost averaging into my investment accounts. Cash continues to build as I beef up my emergency fund.

Other Things of Interest

I have a few more minor projects to complete at home and at camp this summer. The swimming pool suffered some damage over the winter, so I have some repair work to do there. The garage still needs new trim work around the doors, and there are a few minor fixes to make at camp. I’ll be doing all of this myself, so it will just be material costs. Here is a good place to learn how to do projects on your own. You will be amazed how much money you will save by doing work yourself versus paying someone else.

The final note is that I changed all the electrical outlets and switches in the basement to newer more modern ones. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, and I figured that I had the perfect opportunity to do it after the flood. It was an easy job with everything moved out of the room. I switched out 3 outlets and 3 switches for around $20 in material.

In Closing

June has been an interesting month. I could have done without the basement flood, but luckily it was more of an inconvenience than an expense. A few more projects have been completed, a few new ones have been added to my list, and my portfolio continues to make gains. Until next time.

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