How to Successfully Switch Careers [Infographic]

After Highschool I jumped right into marketing. It wasn’t because I wanted to, I just happened to have a friend whose Dad owned a company and he offered me a job in Tokyo. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and had numerous interests so taking some time off from school […]

Free TV Contest Offer

All Things Finance Readers: We know you enjoy saving money and investing. But do you enjoy not having to spend anything at all and enjoying something for free? We’ve connected with Quote Me A Price for this giveaway contest for blog readers. They are running a month-long contest for a free Samsung UN50EH6000 50-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV. […]

Want to Refinance Your Mortgage? Lessons Learned from an Average Joe

In the past 2 years I’ve refinanced 3 times. Each time dropping my monthly payment by $100 or more. This might sound extreme, impossible or even ridiculous. In some cases it would be. For me though history just happened to be in my favor. With interest rates historically dropping and having the 87th ranked Loan […]

All Things Finance Monthly Standard

Hi all! Welcome to All Things Finance’s first RoundUp! Some of you may be aware that Todd and I recently acquired this site from JW and are taking the plunge into financial blogging. No need to worry though, Fearless Men isn’t going anywhere and our focus will remain just as strong. In addition to Todd […]

Bills ‘n’ Spills — Bringing Family Finances Back Into the Black

Providing for a family is just as difficult as bringing up well-behaved children. The mortgage needs paying and the bills need settling, and all the while the children need books for school, food, new clothes, and other necessities. You’re starting a legacy and the last thing you need is your family finances in the red […]

The High Cost of Bad Buy / Sell Decisions [Infographic]

Everyone has made a bad trade. No one has a perfect win streak. But what fuels these bad buy / sell decisions? Check out this week’s infographic for keen insight on what compels traders to buy high and sell low. The first 5 trades I ever made were all sizeable increases. It didn’t fuel overconfidence, […]

The History of Trading: Who Were the First Stock Traders and What Can We Learn From Them?

If you look through the history of trading, you’ll see stock markets did not begin as the gargantuan behemoths they are today. The beginnings of trading wasn’t in stocks, as “companies” didn’t exist as they do today. In 12th century France there were those, on behalf of banks, in charge of managing and regulating debts […]

Are We Wasting Our Money On Healthcare? America’s Healthcare Disadvantage [Infographic]

Only a fraction of this week’s infographic is about Finance. I think it’s one that’s imperative to understand, and that is America’s healthcare disadvantage when it comes to how much we’re spending on medical care when we shouldn’t be. When it comes to investments, people should be devoted to putting money into medical research. On […]

What do I do if I owe Taxes?

It’s tax time again and each year in April comes the deadline we dread. This year, 2013 the deadline is April 15, Monday. Yes, today! Some of us already filed our Federal Tax Return and know we’ll be getting a fat check from the IRS. Congrats to you! Although it is actually better to get […]

Do Women Pay More When Using Credit Cards? [Infographic]

This week’s financial infographic depicts some insightful information–that although some women are more inclined to shop around for deals, they are less likely to do so when “shopping” for a credit card. Overall, do women pay more when using credit cards? According to Credit Sesame, yes they do. Women are less likely to pursue the […]