The S&P Has Entered a New Bull Market

The bear market of the S&P is officially over, but many economic headwinds still persist. The S&P has entered a new bull market. The index has officially risen 20% since its lows in October of 2022. The bear market started in January of 2022 when the S&P set a record high and ended on October […]

How Can You Incorporate Stocks Into Your Retirement Strategy?

Adding stocks to your retirement strategy can help boost wealth and income. How can you incorporate stocks into your retirement strategy? Planning for retirement can be daunting, but whether you do it yourself or seek guidance from a professional, you can benefit by incorporating stocks into your plan. Here are a few ways to incorporate […]

What is the Debt Ceiling?

Time is running out to raise the debt ceiling. What is the debt ceiling? If you’ve been watching the news, then talks about the debt ceiling have been front and center. But what is it exactly, and why is it so important? Here is an overview. The Debt Ceiling Explained The Debt Limit  is a […]

What are Some Stocks That Have Consistently Paid Dividends?

Some companies have paid dividends for well over 100 years and counting. What are some stocks that have consistently paid dividends? If you are a fan of dividend stocks and enjoy the income that they provide, then looking to stocks with a long track record of payouts should be at least a part of what […]

Why has the Stock Market Been So Resilient in 2023?

Markets continue to rise despite a headwind of bad news. Why has the stock market been so resilient in 2023? Despite inflation woes, a bank crisis, international wars, and spreading layoffs, the markets have been stubbornly resilient so far this year. So what is the reason for the markets uptick while the world around it […]

Is the Fed Done Raising Interest Rates?

We could be at the end of the Fed’s rate hikes. Is the Fed done raising interest rates? Many analysts are beginning to join the camp of no more rate hikes. No one knows for certain, but if the Fed is in fact done raising rates, then what will that mean for your finances? Stocks […]

Should You Use Technical Analysis When Investing in Stocks?

Should you use technical analysis when investing in stocks? Should you use technical analysis when investing in stocks? Many traders rely on technical factors when researching stocks, and countless software programs exist that can aid in researching based on technical analysis. But should you trust it? Here are a few reasons that technical analysis should […]

How Can You Find Undervalued Stocks?

Finding undervalued stocks can mean profits. How can you find undervalued stocks? When stocks become undervalued you might be able to make a profit on them. But how can you find them? Here are a few tips. Technical Analysis There is nearly an endless amount of technical data points that you can look at when […]

Generating Monthly Income

  There are many ways to generate monthly income. Generating monthly income is a great way to finance your retirement or just a way to help supplement your monthly living expenses. But, what types of investments can put money in your pocket every month? Here are a few ideas. Savings Accounts Up until recently, parking […]