“The Black Card” – The Card Every Billionaire Has In Their Wallet [Infographic]

What’s the credit card that every billionaire has in their wallet? It’s the American Express Centurion “Black Card.”

If you’re wondering how Oprah Winfrey and others roll in style, you’ll want to check out this rarely seen–but always recognized–Black Card that no billionaire is without.

The American Express Centurion “Black Card” has no limits. If you get one, you could buy a $10 million boat on it if you wanted to. The problem? Only a very small, select, exclusive group of people can get one. There’s no applying for the “Black Card.” It’s by invitation only.

Not only that, but it does come with a relatively steep annual and initiation fee. But if you have one, you do get to take advantage of 24 hour, world-wide American Express Centurion concierges. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the exclusive Black Card and all it’s glory!

One last weird note: 6% of Centurion holders own a Hyundai!

American Express Centurion Black Card Infographic from Credit Card Insider

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