6 Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider Hiring a Portfolio Manager

Investing is hard enough doing it alone and trying to understand the terminology. We can spend hours attempting to grasp what is going on in the market.

We often don’t know where to start and how much to apply to each investment interest. Here are six reasons why you might want to hire a portfolio manager.

1. The Love of Investing

For many portfolio managers love what they do. You on the other-hand might have reached a point where you are so frustrated with learning the investment game that you no longer enjoy the process.

Portfolio managers have a considerable amount of love for the market and are at it day and night. This is the person you want guiding you into the world of investments that have become too much for your brain to handle.

They have built up a level of knowledge and intelligence that is impressive to say the least. They understand the challenges of keeping up with the market and live to do this every chance they get.

2. Goals defined

Your portfolio manager is going to understand your goals so you can get ahead in the market. It’s important that you and your portfolio manager are on the same page. They will seek out the investment and only reap a percentage of all assets you want to invest in.

Consumer protections have changed and you will be more cared for when dealing with any portfolio manager. They often charge a fee and will always be in tune with what you want to do with.

Defined goals allows you to not worry whether the manager if off making decisions you didn’t ask for. Make sure you discuss in detail what you are trying to achieve and not achieve.

Set good boundaries between the two of you so no one goes off on the deep end. Any purchases the portfolio manager makes should be approved by you and you typically will receive an outline of what’s been done.

3. Market Timing

You’ll come to rely on your portfolio manager to have good timing in the market. We all know we don’t have a clue, which is why you need this type of manager handling your assets. One bad mistake can be disastrous for our entire portfolio. Allow this professional to handle this side of your investments. If you pick the right manager, they might bring in extra cash you didn’t expect.

Do some research on your own about market timing and ask the manager a list of questions. There is no reason you should be in the dark about this as the manager often can explain why one time is better than the other.

Not all portfolio managers have the ability to have great timing, so you should inquire about what it takes for them to do this.

4. New Opportunities

A good portfolio manager can bring you into an investment that you couldn’t get in yourself. On some investments, you have to meet requirements the regular person doesn’t come close to.

If you’ve found the right investment portfolio manager, then they can enter into special groups only for those with the minimum qualifications. You might have your eye on an investment that you really want to be apart of.

Allow your portfolio manager to get you in the door and take on this new opportunity. If there are a list of these groups that you know about, then bring them to your manager’s attention to see if they can get in themselves to help your overall portfolio.

5. Access

Aside from new opportunities, you’ll want in on private offerings. These are when private companies open access to confidential investment. They target portfolio managers they know and often send them invitations.

Many of these offerings are not found in the general pubic nor are they advertised. You will also not find them on the stock exchange either. This is another great reason to hire a portfolio manager to work for you as they can get you inside of these private offerings.

Allow their connections to enhance your assets. Private offerings can fair better in the market and give you better returns. It’s still important for you to conduct research on any private offering you manager tells you about. Watch this video to learn more on how your portfolio manager can benefit you down the road.

6. Skills and Team

While your portfolio manager may have impressed you with their skills, don’t think for a minute that they aren’t working with their own team.

Most have teamed up with other managers who bounce off different ideas and keep each other abreast to what is happening with the financial news. There other team members who are highly qualified and know what they are doing.

You are getting the best of two worlds when working with a portfolio manager who has these kinds of connections and doesn’t go it alone. Many will tell you if they have a close knit group of buddies they talk to that can always steer them in the right direction.

It’s good to know that you are getting additional intellectual knowledge on your portfolio with this added group of people who your manager works with.

Will You Hire a Portfolio Manager?

Investing is no doubt tricky and is not for the novice. Though we try our best to get into the game of investing, it often is overwhelming and we have to seek out a professional to help. Hire a portfolio manager to set you on the right path.

This the person who lives for investing and devours every detail about the investment world. They can work with you to define your goals to bring in better returns for your assets. Most managers are excellent with their timing in the market.

They can seek out new opportunities you don’t see and have all requirements to get inside. Use a portfolio manager so you know you are on the right track. Take a chance and act now by finding one nearby or in your community.

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