5 Ways To Save Money On SR-22 Insurance


SR-22 insurance is a type of insurance verified by your state that attests you have state-minimum car liability insurance requirements. This covers any property damage and liability resulting from a driving offense in which the insured driver is involved. 


Your auto insurance premiums may increase if you commit any form of driving violation that requires the court to ask you to file an SR-22. This isn’t because of the SR-22 but because the driver is now considered a high-risk category by the insurance company.


It’s good to know there are ways to save on your auto insurance payment, even when the SR-22 insurance premium is included. Here are five ways you can save money on your SR-22 insurance premiums:


1. Learn About SR-22 Insurance


Being well-informed on SR-22 insurance premiums is your first step toward saving on it. It’s never too late to start learning, even if you are just obtaining an SR-22 insurance. Research what your state’s SR-22 insurance requirements are, and knowing the basics will help you figure out how to navigate the policies and other conditions to determine the minimum liability you are required to meet.


Having or driving an automobile that doesn’t even belong to you validates the need to be informed. Besides, getting reliable information on SR-22 insurable will prevent you from falling prey to fraudulent insurance providers. Your money-saving steps start with you. You can also visit this sr22savings.com service website and other reliable online resources to get educated more on SR-22 insurance policies.


2. Ensure A Cheap Automobile


Some automobiles cost less to insure, which will help you when you need to add SR-22 insurance to your auto insurance premiums. These automobiles are considered to be low-risk categories, but they would only get the minimum state-required insurance policy. 

If you can, avoid sports cars, new car models, cars with higher-end features because they often attract more insurance payments. No doubt, motorcycles are riskier than cars but cheaper to insure. It also depends on the type of motorcycle and the modifications made to it. The cost of your automobile will also affect the premium you will be charged when insuring, hence avoid expensive cars if you don’t have the budget for an equally expensive insurance. Using cheap and older automobiles will help you save money on your insurance premiums.


3. Ask For Premium Discount


Most insurance companies do offer their clients discounts that can be added to their SR-22 insurance to reduce car insurance costs. The discounts may differ, depending on the company’s policies. Besides, you also have to present a valid reason to be eligible for discounts. Most factors that are usually considered valid are student discounts, mature drivers, specific ages, low-mileage vehicles, and retired drivers. If your insurance company isn’t offering you a discount, you may be able ask for it. 


In most cases, people don’t usually get discounts because they don’t ask for it or are simply unaware. Take the time to go through all the discount options available to start enjoying this benefit. You may even be qualified for more than one discount opportunity.


4. Pay On Time


Another way to save money on your SR is by paying on time. When you pay your premium fee at the right time, you won’t be charged with additional fees, usually late-payment fees. This is critical for your SR-22 insurance as courts have a penalty reserved for not observing your minimum liability requirements. 


So always try and keep up with your insurance payments. Missing a payment incurs penalties. If you’re unable for a more extended period till your SR-22 policy coverage elapses, the payment process starts all over. This means extra up-front money for you to pay. To make payments diligently, use the automatic payment method that automatically charges your credit or debit car so you could still pay your SR-22 insurance even when you forget. 


5. Pay A Higher Deductible


If you want to save money on your SR-22 insurance premium, then you should increase your deductible. A deductible is the money you pay before your insurance company starts to pay for any auto issues. A higher deductible means you will pay more out of your pocket for damages if an accident happens. This means your premiums will be lower, which will help you save on the actual premium amount you are meant to pay. 


Remember, you may have to pay your deductible at the least expected time as accidents are unpredictable. Before signing up for a higher deductible, ensure you have enough saved to pay for any accident that may occur. Increasing your deductible will definitely reflect on the amount you get to keep per month.




Saving money on your SR-22 is similar to saving money on your regular auto insurance premiums. You should always ask multiple insurance companies to ensure you are getting the best possible deals. There is always a way to reduce your SR-22 premium that will put less strain on your budget. Following the tips in this article can help you save some money. Don’t also forget to adhere to the court’s payment policies to avoid paying additional fees.


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