5 Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Cars, in general, eat up a good portion of your monthly budget. You have to pay for gas, maintenance and, of course, you have to pay for auto insurance. This helps you and other drivers ensure their property and their health while in your vehicles.

For people with not-so-great credit or people considered to be risky drivers, car insurance can take up a good chunk of your monthly budget. It doesn’t have to though. There are plenty of ways to save on insuring your car. Many online services, like AutoInsurance.Org, offer free auto insurance quotes so that you can find the best one.

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

There is nothing easy about finding the right insurance, auto or otherwise. It is even harder to find ways to save money on insurance. For the most part, insurance companies charge about the same thing. However, if you want to save money on auto insurance and have a less-than-perfect track record, there are some steps you can take to trim the cost:

  1. Pick a top-rated insurer. Many people think getting insurance through a smaller agency will help them save money when, in fact, it usually doesn’t. Larger companies are able to offer larger discounts than smaller, privately-owned insurance companies. Go with a company you’ve seen on TV and you will have more wiggle room with your policy and price.
  2. Select the right deductible. Don’t over (or under) insure your car. Over insuring your car will lead to higher auto insurance premiums and higher monthly cost. Under insuring your car will offer no assistance if you ever have to make a claim on the policy.
  3. Ask about discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts. If you’re a good driver you can ask about safe driving discounts, good grades discounts and even discounts for individuals that work with certain companies. Drivers with less-than-perfect records can also take driving courses to better their auto insurance rates.
  4. Shop around or stick around. Loyalty can be rewarded with lower rates, however, many people have found shopping around can help. Get a few rates from other insurance companies. Once you have them, take the lowest rate (with the same coverage that you have or better) and present it to your current insurer. Express that you are able to get this rate elsewhere and that you intend to leave if you don’t get something similar. Most times, the insurance company will want to retain you as a customer. (The best time to do this is around the time of renewal.)
  5. If you have multiple insurance policies, consider bundling them with the same company. Bundling your policies can provide a significant discount. Not to mention, having your insurance policies bundled will offer the opportunity for one, easy monthly insurance payment.

These are just a few of the best ways to save money  on auto insurance. If you have specific questions regarding you policy and further ways you can save, give you insurer a call. Ask an agent about discounts available and whether you qualify for any that they offer.