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Is the Healthcare Field a Profitable Industry to Join?

People interested in making and saving money with a strong career have many different options from which they can choose. For example, it is possible to join the continually growing medical field to find a broad range of other careers. But is this career path worth joining? Absolutely. Here are a few reasons why it […]

6 Different Approaches to Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Public interest in cryptocurrency has surged over the past few years, but many newcomers to crypto still have very abstract notions about how to invest in it. In truth, there’s more than one way to invest in this interesting and relatively novel form of asset. An investor can choose to pursue purely crypto-related investments, or […]

Advantages of Buying Gold Coins

  Gold coins are great investments, but not everyone can afford them. Most of these coins have a high silver content, so they’re not very valuable. But if you’re looking to buy gold coins for investment purposes, these are the best options. You can choose to buy American, Canadian, or British bullion coins, which are […]

A Productive Weekend at the Rental Cottage

We had a productive weekend at the rental cottage. Gravel was delivered to make a driveway, and the locks on the entry doors were changed. There is still a lot to do, but we are making progress. Work Weekend The purpose of heading to the cottage was to get some work done before the weather […]

How To Maintain A Successful Transportation Business

When you are thinking of starting a trucking business, you might have visions of fleets of vehicles moving your dreams all across the nation and beyond. That could happen when you have the right business plan, and a team of drivers that you can back up every mile of the way. Starting a successful transportation […]

Is Spousal Consent Required for Approving Loans?

Is spousal consent required for approving loans? Well, there is no one size fits all answer to that question. Generally, the answer is yes, but the better answer is that it depends. Let’s look a little deeper. The Legal Partnership of Marriage Marriage is a legal partnership that has far reaching implications. Everything from legal […]

Taking Your Small Business Operations Home: Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you an entrepreneur or interested in business? Typically, starting a business can be challenging, especially if someone lacks adequate information and business skills. However, adopting an effective business strategy and remaining committed can help you grow your business and become successful. The following are some of the essential things to do when developing your […]

November Update

Here is a November update. The start of the month has been productive so far. We finished the bedframe that I built and took it to our camp. We did a few projects at the rental property, and we had some trees cut down at our cabin. Projects Completed November has seen a few jobs […]

Money Saving Tips For the Car Buying Process

Whether it’s your first time buying a car or you’re a seasoned driver, the car buying process can get tricky if you make the wrong decision at the wrong time. The reality is, that can happen with a lot of car buyers, so it’s worth taking time to learn how to save money in the […]

6 Ways to Avoid Being Broke As an Adult

When you were young, and you had an allowance, you probably spent it all on one trip to the convenience store or comic book store. Then you were broke for a week until allowance time came around again. When you were first starting out in your initial work life, you were probably broke every week […]