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Easiest ways to earn money online

In another year where many still can’t go outside safely, new ways to make income are more important than ever. More crucial than most are ways to earn money online. If you can find a steady way of making a living without leaving the house, you’ll be both safe and able to work on your […]

Financial Update, OCT 2021

Here is a quick financial update for October. As the markets continue to perform well, so too does my portfolio. Our rental property is coming together, and I’ve been getting some projects done around the house. Personal Finances My portfolio continues to perform well as the markets march higher. I recently did some rebalancing in […]

Saving and Budgeting Tips For Sending Your Child to Private School

School is one of the biggest expenses associated with a child’s upbringing. At the same time, it’s important to make sure that you give your child the best possible education so as to provide them with a good foundation for their future. To this end, you may want to know some tips for saving money […]

How to Increase Energy Efficiency and Safety In Your Business’s Building

Running a successful business takes grit and good planning. One of the most important plans you can make is to ensure that the building housing your business is more energy-efficient. Read on to see five ways in which you can increase energy efficiency and safety in your business’s building. Leverage Natural Lighting The first way […]

Is Bail Money Refundable?

Is bail money refundable? The short answer is yes, but there are conditions. Here is how bail typically works and some of the details and conditions associated with it. Bail Money What exactly is bail? The American Justice System guarantees that someone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Therefore, it is […]

What Features Should You Look for In a New Home?

The exhilarating feeling that often accompanies looking for a new home may leave you a bit unsure of what features you need to prioritize on. Besides saving money, it’s good to understand that this is a major investment that you will probably have for a while, so you need to make sure you won’t regret […]

How Online Retailers and Other Services Keep Your Money Safe

  As everything from finance to entertainment starts to move almost exclusively into the online sphere, it’s worth checking in on your online spending habits and the security level of your favourite retailers and service providers. When it’s this easy to pay your energy bills, buy a new laptop and purchase the latest AAA gaming […]

Working on the Rental Property

We’ve been spending the past couple weekends working on the new rental property. There are a few things to repair and a few other things that we want to upgrade. Here is what we’ve been up to. Deck and Permitting The cottage needs a new deck. There is no way around it and no way […]

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add a Modern Touch to Your Home

Adding a modern touch to your home while saving money is a great thing to do to improve your living space. You will enjoy living in a gorgeous house, as will your family. So, if you’re wondering how you can do this, read on. The five tips outlined should give you a good idea on […]

5 Ways You Can Avoid Bankruptcy

Many people face financial constraints, and it is how they handle the problem that offers the solution. In extreme cases, you might want to look for a more targeted solution to the problem. Filing for bankruptcy is among the many ways. You should, however, view bankruptcy as the last-ditch in your plan. In cases where […]