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Making the Cabin Rent Ready

The closing on our investment property is nearing, and with it a lot of planning and preparation to get the place rent ready. Our intention is to use the property as a short-term vacation rental, so it must be fully furnished and be stocked with household items such as dishes, plates, and cookware. We’ve been […]

How Project Management Software Can Drive Revenue for Your Custom Sign Business

Project management software is fast becoming an essential tool for businesses of all kinds, custom sign and printing businesses not the least. We’ve all heard about the advantages such software in terms of time management and intra-project communication, but what about in terms of revenue? For a custom sign or printing business, how does pairing […]

Where to Get Cash Quickly When You Don’t Have an Emergency Fund

Financial emergencies happen for all of us, and when they occur, you’ll need a stash so that you’ll be able to cover any expenses. However, many Americans don’t have any sort of emergency fund, and will need cash with a quickness. There are a few ways to get that cash. Here’s a quick look at […]

Reasons Your Business Should Use an Answering Service

Communication with customers, vendors, and other relevant people is essential to any business. The telephone is one of the most important tools. Even a successful small business may get a large volume of calls. Perhaps more than your staff can answer at once. There may also be times you are not available. You could be […]

Doing Your Due Diligence When Buying a Stock

Doing your due diligence when buying a stock can make the difference between making money or losing it. Obviously, no one wants to lose money on an investment, so doing proper research is critical. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and many factors are beyond the scope of this short article, but here […]

Why Hiring a Consultant Can Prevent Discrimination From Occurring

Employee discrimination is the type of problem that could bury a company.  Although you don’t want to discriminate against anyone, and there’s already been a lot of growth over the last hundred years for equality: there’s still a long way to go.

How To Build A Better Relationship With Money

There are plenty of sayings out there about money, like, “Money is the root of all evil” and “More money leads to more problems.” While these statements may have a hint of truth in them, these concepts are primarily believed because of how people think about and treat money. When people have no idea how […]

We Found a Rental Property

We found a rental property. The search has taken close to a year, we saw a lot of places that needed too much work, and we were outbid multiple times on other places, but we finally found a place. Here is a brief overview of where we are in the process. Needle in a Haystack […]

Why Having No Applicant Tracking System is a Mistake

Hiring has been pushed into overdrive, with nearly every large company saying that they lack employees.  Although countless workers are out there looking for jobs, it’s hard to keep track of applicants if you don’t do it right.  Using an applicant tracking system can give you the chance to organize those who apply to your […]

How to Make Your Side Business Eco-Friendly

The human activities have various impacts on the environment. This is why state and federal governments do all they can to ensure that different human life aspects go green. However, if you are a business person, you should take it upon yourself to ensure that your enterprise and its operations do not harm the environment. […]