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Investing With Limited Funds: Tips For Getting Your Feet Wet

Although it comes with risks, investing is one of the most efficient ways to secure your financial future. While most people are aware of this fact, many avoid this opportunity due to limited funds. The assumption is that investing is for people with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare. Consequently, millions of people overlook […]

Emotional Shopping: Six Tips for Keeping Your Impulse Spending To a Minimum

As human beings, we’re inherently emotionally-driven creatures, even if we fancy ourselves to be relatively level-headed. Even if we know better, it’s still all too normal to succumb to the occasional passionate outburst. Whether we’ve gotten a bit of good news and we want to celebrate, or we’ve unfortunately been on the receiving end of […]

Reasons to Keep Your Net Worth Private

Here are some reasons to keep your net worth private. If you are a high net worth individual, or if you just have more than your peers, then you may want to consider keeping matters close to your vest. The top reasons to keep things low key follows. Jealousy This is probably the main reason […]

How to Begin Renting Out Apartments

The rental market is hot right now, thanks to millennials who seem to be living at home a bit longer and empty nesters who are looking for less yard work and home repairs. Like anything though, the rental market has its ups and downs. If you want to become a landlord, be sure to do […]

Here’s Why You Should Take A Personal Loan At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Did you know that borrowing money isn’t always a bad thing? Unfortunately, the term personal loan has such a negative connotation in Singapore that little is known about the potential benefits of responsible borrowing. In reality, taking a personal loan can draw some benefits that you should experience at least once in your financial journey. […]

How to Increase Your Home’s Value Using Curb Appeal

Did you know improving the curb appeal of your home could drastically increase its value? The exterior part of a home is like a book cover since it portrays what’s inside. Whether a person intends to sell or just make some improvements, adding curb appeal is usually cheaper and easier to make the home appear […]

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the surest and trusted ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. Everyone has financial liabilities, but unforeseen circumstances can occur and make it hard or impossible to keep up with your financial obligations. However, a life insurance policy can secure the financial future of your dependents. Your life insurance […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Fabric

Data fabric is a new enterprise data technology that is the first real evolution of data since the 1970s when the relational database emerged. Data fabric utilizes network-based architecture to managed information through connections instead of making copies. This technology is similar to the way the human brain operates. The name “data fabric” derives from […]

By Saying No to the Following Items, You Will Be Able to Say Yes When It Matters

It is hard to say no to things you really want, especially when you have the money burning a hole in your pocket. That is when you will have to demonstrate a level of maturity that eludes people with a lower financial IQ. If you tend to buy whatever you want the moment you want […]

How to Make Your Small Cosmetic Business Flourish

Selling cosmetics can be a tricky affair, and that is why you need to put extra measures in place to ensure that your business flourishes. Here are a few tips to help you grow your cosmetic business. Establish a Unique Brand Every successful business owner will tell you that making your business unique can be […]