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Budgeting for 2021: A Practical Guide

Budgeting can be hard at the best of times, but in difficult times such as a pandemic, it can seem even more trying. For many people, recent events may have led to a change in financial circumstances. However, knowing how to budget effectively is an important tool in helping us to use our money efficiently. […]

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance and When Do You Need It?

Businesses require insurance to cover a range of possibilities, from employee injuries to property damage. By taking out the right combination of policies, you can protect your organisation from financial loss and potential reputational damage. However, it’s essential that you have an appropriate level of cover in place and the relevant policies. 

DIY Bathroom Remodel

  We are in the middle of remodeling the bathroom at our cabin. As of the writing of this posting, the project is around 75% complete. I still have more work to do, but things are starting to come together. Here is a brief overview of the progress so far. Costs The average bathroom remodel […]

How to Prepare for an Unusual Tax Season

In a normal year, Americans would already be worrying about tax season. However, due to the political climate as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 is already proving to be anything but a normal year. Therefore, tax season may experience some changes as well. But regardless of those changes, the more prepared people are for […]

Should You Use Scale Trading?

Should scale trading be part of your investment strategy? What exactly is this trading strategy? We’ll take a look so you can determine if you want to employ this style of trading. What is Scale Trading? There are two basic types of scale trading. Scaling in is a trading strategy where you buy a security […]

How to Protect your Cryptocurrency Investment

Every few years cryptocurrency seems to pop up in the news with a trending story of huge gains made by early investors. This can make people question why they didn’t invest when they first learned about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Although cryptocurrency is big business and can be a good investment, like all investments, they […]

Clever Ways to Get a Jumpstart on Your Student Loans in 2021

In the United States, conventional wisdom tells us that we won’t be successful in life without a college degree. And while that might not be entirely true, even entry-level positions require formal education. This has forced millions of Americans to take on student loans in order to pursue an undergraduate degree — and that means […]

Questions to Ask Before Getting a Title Loan

Car title loans have quickly overtaken bank loans as the go-to source for quick emergency cash, mostly because these loans don’t require a rigorous credit score check. But making such a big financial decision comes with some risks. Despite the simple loan application procedure, there are numerous questions you should ask before before getting a […]

Eating Out Versus Cooking at Home

It is common sense that cooking your own food will save you money.  But how much can you save? And, what about some of the other benefits of cooking for yourself?  Can a case be made for eating out? I’m going to look at some of the details of eating out versus cooking at home. […]

Payroll: Here’s Why It Is Important to Do It Right

Payroll is one of the critical elements of running a successful business. If you don’t process your payroll right, a lot of things will come to an abrupt halt in your business. For starters, you and your employees won’t get paid. When employees are not paid they won’t work,  which will affect your customers. Secondly, […]