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5 Mortgage Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

Owning a home is still very much a part of the American Dream. But for some, it can feel like it’ll always be a dream deferred. With the costs of (and demand for) real estate continuing to climb and wages stay stagnant, it may seem like you’ll never be able to achieve your goal. But […]

The Best Financial Advice for the Unorganized

Are you the beacon of fiscal responsibility, or are your finances in disarray? It can be hard to manage your money when you have an influx of transactions in your bank account, from a bi-weekly paycheck to day-to-day banking. Before you know it, you are exchanging thousands of dollars within 30 days. How did that […]

4 Main Steps of Claiming Unclaimed Property

Billions of cash in the unclaimed property right from insurance refunds, forgotten apartment deposits, forgotten apartments, and many more. Did you discover that you have some unclaimed property and do not know what to do next? Do you know what is standing between you and the property? Never mind, as you are almost getting the […]

Average Net Worth by Age

What is the average net worth by age? How does yours compare to others in your age group? What can you take away from these numbers? Tracking your net worth can help keep your personal finances in check since it measures your overall portfolio value and not simply your income. You could have a high […]

Two Stocks Trading Under A Dollar Worth Checking Out

This article is for investors looking for opportunities to maximize their returns. When it comes to investing, you can either identify individual stocks or buy ETFs and diversify your risks. Most investors are on the lookout for stocks that are undervalued, cheap, and trading at a bargain.  While you will have to set aside at […]

What are the Symptoms of Financial Anxiety?

What is financial anxiety? The medical community defines it as “a psychosocial syndrome whereby individuals have an uneasy and unhealthy attitude toward engaging with and administering their personal finances in an effective way.” What is the difference between normal money worries and financial anxiety? What are the common signs of anxiety? Let’s have a look. […]

Investment hurdles older investors face

As we age, changes in all aspects of our lives can’t be avoided. Physical and mental wellbeing should be taken more seriously if you want to have the best possible quality of life; this includes your financial wellbeing, too. It’s important to assess your financial situation from a relative perspective.  

8 Reasons to Consider Investing in ETFs

When it comes to investment options, it is easy for newcomers to investing to feel overwhelmed by the options available to them. The good news is that there are several types of investments that can help new investors find their feet and start growing their money with just a small amount of capital investment and […]

3 Cryptocurrencies Worth Considering for 2021

Cryptocurrencies are back in the news with Bitcoin reaching levels we haven’t seen since its historic 2017 rally. People are getting optimistic about the coin and increasingly pessimistic about the future of the US dollar. This may be one of the reasons why Bitcoin seems to be finally manifesting itself as the store of value […]

Personal Update, Dec. 2020

It’s been a while since I posted a personal update, so here we go. It’s almost Christmas, and we all know that this holiday season is going to be a bit different from others in the past. I just finished shopping for gifts today, and I am starting to look at my finances for the […]