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Things that you should know about Libra method before investing!

It is the era of digital currency and when there are so many currencies that are being launched from Bitcoin, Litcoin to Altcoin and why should the world’s biggest social media platform Facebook be left behind. Facebook has announced its first digital currency Libra.

Should Personal Finance be Taught in School?

Should basic personal financial literacy and skills be taught in school? It’s an interesting idea and one that I happen to support. There is a growing movement to implement such classes in school. A quick Google search will pull up commentary from financial gurus, financial websites, colleges and universities, and parent and teacher groups all […]

Cashier’s Check vs. Money Order (All You Need to Know)

  Ever found yourself in this situation? You’re trying to make payment using a personal check, only to know that you need certified funds. You are not alone, as this happens more frequently. This is because some transactions need guaranteed funds, something personal checks lack.

Understanding the Complexities of Nonprofit Payment Processing

Online channels prove to be a reliable space to conduct financial deals. An example of this is payment processing or the online transaction for organizational donations. In 2018, the number of online contributions surged to about 17%, which aggregates to a total amount of $147 million.

Do I Need Health Insurance?

Getting health insurance in the United States is not cheap. The rising cost is prohibitive that one in five Americans are gambling with their lives as they forego insurance. They could not afford hospitalization, medicines, prescription eyeglasses, and dental care. And we are not even factoring the mental health care, which they need if they […]

What’s that in my Yard?

If you’ve spent any time at all in America, chances are you’ve seen the little pieces of wireframe and plastic that pop up to dot everyone’s yards so often. Particularly, around the first week of November these apparitions appear, disappearing as quickly as they came into being. We’re speaking of course about yard signs. Drive […]

Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Car Loan

The chances of getting car loan approval are lower when you have a bad credit score. The creditors will see you as a high-risk borrower, and won’t give you the chance to obtain the loan you applied for. Although there are loan providers that will still give you what you want, the conditions might not […]

How Do B2B Companies Leverage Social Media In 2019?

Social media is hard to ignore because most everyone you know is using it in one way or another. Estimates sit at over 1-billion people with social media accounts and the majority of those people use more than one social media platform. With all of this in mind, you have a huge audience available to […]

10 Smart Ways to Spend Your Gambling Winnings

Growing up, one of the most commonly asked questions (just for fun) usually went along the lines of “if you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?”

Vacationing on a Budget

We recently returned from a 10-day trip out west. We hiked in the Nevada high desert, went to Lake Tahoe, stayed a few nights in Yosemite National Park, sat in hot springs in the California Mountains, spent 3 days in San Francisco, visited the Red Wood Forest on the California coast, and hiked in several […]