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Joe Rogan’s Wife’s Net Worth

Joe Rogan – a Brief Introduction You may have heard of Joe Rogan.  If not, here is a brief summary.  Joe Rogan is a celebrity stand up comedian, actor, MMA color commentator, and podcast host.  He began his comedy career in the 80’s, has been involved with multiple television appearances including hosting the show Fear […]

Why is it Required to Have Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is mandatory to help protect drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. When you buy a car, before you can put it on the road and drive, you need to have auto insurance.  In fact, you will need to show proof of insurance before you can even register the vehicle.  The […]

Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Your Perfect Home in Washington

What does it take to buy a home in Washington? Whether you’re looking for a better deal in Vancouver from the growth in Portland, want to buy in Seattle or get something in Walla Walla, Washington offers a wide range of opportunities. A total of $47.2 billion of real estate was sold throughout Washington in […]

Finance 101

A Beginners Guide to Finances If you are just starting out in your journey of financial education and wealth building, or if you have some debt and want to pay it off and start building wealth, then this primer is a good place to start.  I’m going to run through some budgeting and wealth building […]

Can I Afford to Build a House? Here’s How to Budget for The Perfect Home

Becoming a homeowner is often times a common goal for most people as they get older. But some aspiring property owners don’t want to buy a home that is already built. A lot of people have dreams of actually building their new homes from the ground up. This may seem like a financially unattainable goal […]

What Beginner Investors Should Know Before Investing

Beginning your path to investing successfully might seem a bit overwhelming but we do all start somewhere and there’s no need to worry. A lot of people have tried their hand at investing so you’re not alone. You will need to know about stock market basics and what you need to do to pave your […]

Real Estate Investment Forecast for 2019: Will the Trends and Prices Change?

If one of your new year resolutions is to finally own a house or invest in real estate, then you need to keep a keen eye on current real estate trends and conditions. It took a number of years for the real estate market to recover from the shock of 2008 global meltdown, but due […]

10 Decorating Tips for Your First Place

So you’ve chosen a new place, and you’re finally ready to move in and call it home. But the whole place is bare and needs furnishings and decorations here and there. It can be quite a difficult task, but the thing is, it’s your own place, and you have the liberty to decorate it in […]

Is Anywhere In the UK Still A Good Investment?

Following the announcement on 23rd June 2016 that the British public voted, by majority, to begin the process of leaving the European Union, there has been much debate and deliberation about the value of investing in the UK. While it’s undeniable that Brexit has changed the face of the British property market, is this change […]

Five Things to Keep in Mind About Prepaid Cards

The concept of a prepaid card can appear very tempting, especially as they make a good alternative to the normal banking process, as well as the fact that you don’t need to have a credit score in order to get one. So why aren’t more people using them for their daily transactions, if they seem […]