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A Complete Guide to Travelling Across Canada on Budget

Canada has loads of tourist attractions and a diversified culture. You can never lack something to do, even on a tight budget.However, you will have to budget all your expenses in the Canadian dollar, as it is the accepted currency. Besides, transacting in your home currency or the USD can prove to be very expensive. […]

Should You Buy a House in 2019? The Real Estate Predictions You Need to Know

Whether you’re looking to invest in real estate or buy your first home, it’s tricky to understand the state of the housing market today. Should you buy a house? Should you sell your current house? What kind of market is it? Can you even afford a house? Here, we’re breaking down all of the top […]

7 Types of Commercial Loans That Can Get Your Company Funded Fast!

In 2015, lenders in the United States shelled out a whopping $600 billion for business loans. With that kind of amount, you’d think all small businesses took out a loan, right? Only three-quarters of them did though. The rest didn’t use any type of financing. Unfortunately, lack of funding almost always gives way to business […]

Need Cash? 7 Ways to Raise Emergency Money Fast

About 60% of Americans say that they don’t currently have enough money in their bank accounts to cover even $1,000 worth of unexpected expenses. With so many people living paycheck-to-paycheck, it’s normal to feel incredibly anxious about how you can afford an emergency. This post is here to help. When you need emergency cash, you […]

Your 10-Step Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency for the Best Return and Future Profits

You’ve probably seen how big Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin have become over the last few years. They’re one of the biggest investment topics around, and they’ve hit the mainstream bigtime. If you’re still unsure what cryptocurrencies are, then here’s a bit of info: Most cryptos like BitCoin use a technology called the blockchain to create a […]

Ultimate Guide to UK Short-term Loans

It is unwise to take out a short-term loan if you are unable to pay it back in full and on time. The consequences of paying the loan back in part, or late, can lead to disastrous interest and fees. While short-term loans are just that, short—between a week and a year—there are many other […]

Moving for a Job? Here Are 10 Questions That You Should Ask Yourself Before You Move

In the last 10 years, about 11 percent of job applicants in the United States relocated for a new job. You might’ve been applying for jobs at the best company in your industry or in your preferred metro area. You survived the interviewing and hiring process. You received a great job offer but, you’re having […]

5 Unique Tips To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Maybe you’re at an important business convention and your idol is there. Maybe you’re at the grocery store and through your idle chat; you have found a prospective customer. Like any other business person, the most logical thing to do is whip out your business card. Chances are, the person you’re about to hand it […]

List of Helpful Financial Resources

uns I thought it might be helpful to share my financial resource list. This is not a list of ideals but a list of actual financial websites, services, and publications that I use and have found value in. Hopefully you too can take advantage of some of these in your own life and financial journeys. […]

Grow Your Business: 6 Different Types of Business Loans You Need to Know

Are you looking for funds to start or grow your business? Well, you have a couple of options. You could run a crowdfunding campaign, find equity and angel investors or take out a business loan. In this article, our focus is on business loans. Although banks, especially the big ones, have a reputation of turning away […]