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Getting Uncle Sam Off Your Back: How to Get Out of Tax Debt

Taxes have the ability to financially cripple you. You can easily end up owing tens of thousands of dollars. Worse than that, you’re expected to pay it immediately. It’s no surprise that when Tax Day rolls around, many people don’t have the capability to pay what they owe right away. That debt can end up […]

Bring in the New Year with the These 5 Technology Stocks

The start of a new year inspires and motivates us all to make improvements in our lives. We join the gym and stock our kitchens with healthy foods, declutter our homes, and set new goals at work. But have you considered creating or refreshing your finances and investment portfolio as part of your 2019 goals? […]

Why is my car insurance so expensive

It’s no secret that the cost of car insurance has been going up year after year. Despite the fact that many of us pay thousands of pounds in car insurance without ever making a claim, the insurance industry regularly makes a loss. In fact, 2017 was the first year the industry saw profits since 1994. […]

The Good Side of Credit: How to Use a Credit Card to Build Credit

An estimated 183 million Americans have credit cards. While people often talk about them in the negative, they can actually be incredibly positive. You’re probably already familiar with the age-old quandary: you can’t get credit unless you already have credit. So how do you get it in the first place? One way to build credit, […]

The Institution of Student Housing

In all regions of the UK, there is student accommodation. Huddersfield to Cambridge, Aberdeen to Oxford, nearly any town over a certain threshold has a university and the student digs that go with them. Yet, when you meet other students from different corners of Great Britain you soon realise that many of your experiences have […]

5 Types of Brokers to Know About to Invest Smart

While there are a lot of types of investments you can make without a broker, for the average investor, it’s like climbing Machu Picchu without a guide. Knowing the types of brokers that could help you with your investments will ensure that you make the right kind of money. Your broker can not only keep […]

5 Reasons To File Your Tax Return Now

You Still Won’t Have to Pay Until April 15 Preparing a tax return is not most people’s idea of a good time. As a result, we tend to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to file our returns. However, there are good reasons to start preparing your tax return as soon as you have […]

6 Ways to Financially Succeed in the New Year

Save a percentage of your income every paycheck. Automate part of your paycheck to go straight to your savings.   Wait a few months and you will be pleasantly surprised with the extra cash just when you need it most. Talk to your partner about money. Have those important conversations about finances with your partner or […]

Your Small Business Financial Management Guide: 7 Tips to Manage Small Business Finances

You’ve finally achieved your dream of opening your own small business. And though it’s a roller coaster ride most of the time, one thing you’d like more consistency in is with your business finances. Knowing how much you have coming in — and going out — each month would just make everything easier for you. […]

Buying the Island Breeze: Should You Consider Investing In Caribbean Island Real Estate?

The Caribbean is home to a population of over 44 million people. Who wouldn’t want to live in the Caribbean with its sandy beaches, clear blue water, and warm weather year-round? If you’re considering buying a property in the Caribbean, this guide is for you. We’ll walk you through what you need to consider when […]