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Seven Benefits of Metal Recycling

By now, it is common knowledge that everyone should recycle, and yet, many people still do not do it. This is often because people have misconceptions about recycling, like that it takes too much work or that they don’t get anything out of it. Alternately, they simply may not know all of the great benefits […]

How to buy your Car Online: Respecting Women and the Art of Negotiation

As a general rule, the idea of stepping outside of your house to purchase something is considered to be old-fashioned in the modern age. Strangely, however, this is never mentioned when people discuss rising levels of obesity, despite the fact that you can now order in everything from groceries and takeaways to clothes and fashion […]

5 Top Tips for Guarantor Loan Applicants

Guarantor loans can be confusing, particularly because they’re a relatively new form of finance. The first guarantor loans were offered in 2007, and there is a scarcity of information available for those considering taking one out. If you’re planning to take out finance and are considering a guarantor loan, here are some useful tips to […]

FX Training: Why You Should Put Down the Book and Get on Your Platform

If you’re just starting out in the world of trading, it can be an extremely daunting time. Training on the Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets is not as trivial as it might at first appear, but it isn’t impossible, given the right amout of training. Unfortunately, training can lead you down a rabbit hole of textbooks […]

Want A Raise? Try These Two Tricks

There’s a trick to getting more money, and it’s not begging your boss for a raise. According to a recent USA Today article, compensation for CEOs of companies in the S&P 500 jumped 13% in 2013. That means that more people at the top are making over $100 million than ever before. You can’t live […]

Nuts and Bolts of a Financial Plan

Opening with a strong hook, proving your idea can be a viable business through hours of research, and telling a possible backer that you feel like your dreams can become reality are important parts of your business planning. However, the very last part of your business plan can be where everything, all your hard work, […]