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Small Business Tax Forms & Which One You Should Use for Your Small Business

This is a guest post by Phillip Christenson, CFA, from Phillip James Financial. I asked him to share his expertise for us small business owners as January 1 is right around the corner. Read on how to choose whether you should be using Schedule C, Form 1065, or something more specific. This summary on tax […]

Teaching an Uninsured Friend to Drive – Don’t Risk Your Car!

When I was in high school my 22-year-old brother was teaching his fiance how to drive. She was 19. It’s hard to imagine being 19 and still not having a license, but I forget that people do this all the time. My brother is an awesome guy, he’s now married to the woman and I […]

Millennials, Are You Ready to Retire?

I fall into the millenial category, those born between 1978-1988. I can honestly say, as I sit here nearing 30, I am NO where near on track for retirement. Hell, I still have almost 100k worth of debt to deal with first. Am I freaking out yet? No. Should I be? Maybe, but I’m not. […]

One Day Car Insurance – What If You Need Insurance For the Shortest of Trips?

Have you ever needed to take an extremely quick trip out of the country? Or you need insurance immediately for a car that you won’t be using for longer than a week? It’s possible to get insured in situations like this-even if its to insure 4 a day. Instances where you might need short-term, immediate […]

Put More Presents Under the Tree This Year with Some Hidden Savings

The holiday season is all about giving. Be honest, there is something satisfying about seeing a big mound of presents under the tree. It makes you feel as if you have accomplished something to know you are giving so much. Is it a self-indulgent feeling? Perhaps, but it is one you should not feel bad […]

Cash is King in Egypt and in Business

Cash is king. It’s a short sentence or phrase oft-quoted in relation to Arab countries such as Egypt. And usually it refers obliquely to the reticence many Egyptians have in placing all of their financial eggs in the one labyrinthine banking basket. At least, that’s how they perceive it. But the truth is much of the mistrust is also a consequence of under-banking. The majority of Egyptians don’t earn enough to even have a bank account let alone something as alien as a credit card. Therefore, they’ve no opportunity to experience any of the modern-day banking benefits most of us rather take for granted. Instead, they carry on as they’ve always done, paying cash for the everyday necessities as they go along.

Don’t Hit The Panic Button! How Financial Woes Can Be Solved With A Second Set of Eyes

Things are looking bad. Every turn you make with your accounts erupts in problems, and overdrafts. There is no feeling like failing financially. There are few things more burdensome. But there is hope, and the answer isn’t to make more money. The answer lies in understanding a few financial principles well, and executing them well.

10 Great Frugal Christmas Ideas

There are so many things to do and purchase during the holidays – that if you are not careful you can really spend a lot of money. However, if you plan carefully and use some of your creativity, you can end up saving a lot of money where you least expect it. Having fun over […]

Four Legal Tools to Help Your Business Grow and Thrive

Running a small business can be a rewarding experience in many ways. It takes a lot of hard work and planning, but the payoffs are extremely satisfying. In order to get the most possible benefits out of your business, you need to make smart use of all the legal tools available to you. There are […]

Weak Dollar Investing

Currencies are closely tied to the economies and identities of countries. This is apparent in the United States, where prolonged weakness of the American Dollar has sparked debates across financial and political circles. Aside from bureaucratic issues; the strength of a currency affects wages, cost of consumer goods and national pride, among other factors. These […]