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The Rising Cost Of Health Care – Midweek Infographic

The Supreme Court came down with a landmark decision today by upholding President Obama’s health care law. It was ruled by a 5-4 majority that the penalty for not having insurance is considered a tax and therefore constitutional. How this will affect individuals, businesses and overall economic growth remains to be seen, but changes lay […]

New Look, Same Great Content

All Things Finance has undergone a facelift. I didn’t feel that the last look was very inducive to a blog-style format. I hope you like the new look and functionality. Please give me a few days to have everything looking perfect. In the mean time, please enjoy some of my favorite articles of the week […]

How To Pay Off Debt

In 2012, 46% of Americans carried over a credit card balance from month to month. For those households with credit card debt, the average balance of that debt was an astonishing $15,800.  Why do people have so much debt and why can they not pay off their balances? You generally fall into two categories if you […]

Every Sunday’s Special Links: Catalina Island Edition

A good vacation is just as important as hard work. When you put in some solid, productive work, you have to reward yourself. It’s also important to recharge so you come back to your job fresh and focused. The Facebook IPO was not fun for anybody in the financial industry. The inflows of accounts and […]

Quantitative Easing Explained – Midweek Infographic

If you follow any financial news sources such as CNBC, The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg, you’ve heard quantitative easing mentioned a few times.  For most people, the term may seem completely foreign.  What most people outside of the financial industry are unaware of is the enormous impact that this Federal Reserve tactic has on […]